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Is there any agenda behind Reuters comparing the Swastika with the Nazi symbol?

Foreign media’s obsession with India is not new. They always portray India in a negative light and leave no stone unturned to malign India’s image with their lies and propaganda at a global level. New York times ridiculed India’s stand at the Paris Climate Summit where India asked developed countries to make deeper emission cuts.  […]

This misinformed New York Times article questions the charges on Shashi Tharoor, calls him PM material

Shashi Tharoor, a politician with no experience at the grassroots level in India has been continuously projected as a potential Prime Minister by the English-speaking elite. This agenda has been particularly pursued by the English media outlets and select western media channels which want the colonial hangover in India to stay forever. Many newspapers and […]

There’s Something Deeply Upsetting About New York Times Article Against Yogi Adityanath

The Global Leftist Media has always been rather harsh to Conservative leaders. While they coddle and cuddle leaders of Liberal disposition and are always overeager to ignore their numerous shortcomings and follies, they reserve their odious condescension and often unfounded criticism for those in opposition to Progressive values. Naturally, the Global Media went hammer and […]