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A New Disease is Destroying Nations all over the World, You Could be Infected too

A new type of epidemic is spreading thought the world. This epidemic is more malignant than cancer, it kills the nation slowly from within and if proper steps are not taken to eradicate this disease, in time most of the nations will fall. Thanks to the Liberals, Leftists and the trigger-happy media hell bent on […]

Dear UNHRC We have found a Home for Rohingyas, Will you Shed your hypocrisy and help them?

It seems our intellectuals and liberals would stop at nothing short of ensuring complete rehabilitation of Rohingyas in India. Perhaps, if they had it their way, they would roll out the red carpet all the way from India to Rakhine state in Myanmar to facilitate the entry of Rohingyas into India. One doesn’t mean to […]

Because Hindu Lives Don’t Matter: How Global Media Hid the Plight of Hindus caught in the Rohingya Wildfire

On August 25, scores of unidentified armed men with firearms, bombs, and knives opened coordinated and deadly attacks on Myanmar border posts and police. In the dead of night, they stormed and besieged Hindu villages in Maungdaw and started slitting their throats, stabbing them killing as many as 86 Hindus and their families in cold […]

Before You say Aung San Suu Kyi is a cruel, heartless leader, Read these facts first

With the Rohingya Muslims roaming from countries to countries to find a shelter where they can settle peacefully, the whole world has joined to criticize Aung San Suu Kyi for her silence, inert attitude, and possible support towards the persecution of the so-called world’s most persecuted minority group. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which includes […]

Meet the Monk whom the Time Magazine Declared ‘The Face of Buddhist Terror’

The July, 2013 issue of Time Magazine featured a rather interesting cover story. The cover story of the issue carried a picture of an obscure monk from Myanmar with a grim expression etched across his face, not known widely across the world until then, with the headline, “The Face of Buddhist Terror: How Militant Monks […]

Does the 56 inch rock? Oh yes! it does

Indian Army shares a very emotional bond with the Indian populace. We sing the praises of them as our heroes. Government may or may not have our reverences, but the army always commands it. Every reprisal from our side to wanton hostility from the other side of the border is appreciated. We are the nation […]