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Congress supports AIMPLB’s call for Sharia courts in India

Indian National Congress has once again proved that come what may it is not going to stop its minority appeasement politics. Minority Affairs of the Karnataka government, Zameer Ahmed has decided to support the call of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) to set up Sharia courts in all districts of the country. Zameer […]

Is Kumaraswamy playing vendetta politics against Siddaramaiah?

In order to prevent the BJP from coming to power in Karnataka, Congress and JD(S) formed a post-poll alliance despite sharing an acrimonious relationship in the past. There is always a tug of war between the two rivals who share a bitter relationship. From the day one, there has been massive power tussle in the […]

Accused of severely beating a man, Nalapad Haris gets conditional bail after the return of Congress to power.

As soon as Congress government came back to powerin Karnataka, good days for criminals and corrupts have also arrived. Mohammed Haris Nalapad, son of Congress MLA who mercilessly and brutally assaulted a 24 year old boy at a cafe in Bengaluru is out again on conditional bail immediately after the return of Congress to power. […]

Kumaraswamy’s candid confessions: admits to rampant corruption in the State and his lack of political authority in the coalition.

HD Kumaraswamy has surrendered completely to the rampant corruption prevalent in the state of Karnataka. He acknowledged that corruption is so much that he doesn’t know from where to start the process of clean up. He said, “The rot in the system is so deep that I shudder at the thought of a clean-up and […]

Dissatisfaction grows over portfolio allocation in Karnataka, MB Patil to lead Lingayat revolt?

It seems problems for the ruling coalition of Janata Dal Secular (JDS)-Congress coalition is not going to end anytime soon in the state of Karnataka. Starting from a dismal performance in the elections which forced the two natural enemies to form a coalition in the state, to locking up their MLAs in resort in order […]

Karnataka Congress’ ‘performance based’ portfolio allocation plan is bound to fail.

The Congress, after a lot of political games, was able to form the government in Karnataka and it somehow convinced the Janata Dal (Secular) and its own ministers to stay loyal during the trust vote on the assembly floor. Although, the Congress leadership might have gotten a lot of satisfaction from keeping BJP out of […]

Karnataka Congress leaders denied audience with Rahul Gandhi.

It has been two weeks since the unholy Congress-JDS alliance formed government in Karnataka but the contentious negotiations for allotting cabinet portfolios are still on. There are political heavyweights in both the parties vying for top portfolios. This seems to be putting immense pressure on the already precarious coalition that had taken birth out of […]

Kumaraswamy’s long con on portfolio allocation baffles Congress state leadership.

The cabinet formation in Karnataka stands delayed because the coalition partners have reached an impasse. Nobody wants to part with the coveted finance portfolio. Tug of war is going on between the two parties over the portfolio allocation. Especially, Ministry of finance has become a bone of contention. The national leadership of the Congress is […]

Congress-JD(S) honeymoon already over, fissures emerge in the local leadership.

In order to prevent the BJP from coming to power in Karnataka, Congress and JD(S) formed a post-poll alliance despite sharing an acrimonious relationship in the past. In the recently concluded elections, Congress and JD(S) candidates were engaged in a very bitter rivalry. During their election campaigns, Congress and JD(S) were attacking each other viciously. […]

Charge-sheet filed against Karnataka Youth Congress leader Nalapad Haris for assault.

Central Crime Branch (CCB)  had filed a charge-sheet against Youth Congress leader, Mohammad Nalapad Haris, and has recorded the statements of 23 witnesses. These statements recorded are in connection with an incident which occurred on February 17. On February 17th, Nalapad Haris, son of businessman and Congress MLA N.A. Haris, and his associates had badly […]

Coastal Karnataka majority community bears the brunt of Congress’ return in power.

With the resignation of BJP’s CM BS Yedyurappa in Karnataka, JD(S) and Congress alliance forming the next government is almost a near possibility. Karnataka gave a fractured mandate. The BJP, despite being the single largest party, still fell eight short of the majority mark. Congress is all set to come to power by forming the […]

Alleged Horse trading audio tapes revealed to be fake by Congress MLA in Karnataka.

The Congress leaders had leveled allegations of horse trading on the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders from Karnataka. The Congress leaders had gone so far as to accuse BJP’s senior most leader, B.S. Yeddyurappa of pushing money to Congress MLAs. These accusations were levied by the top Congress leaders after the hung verdict in Karnataka on […]
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