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Nitish Kumar’s touching tribute to Atal Ji

Nitish Kumar, the Janata Dal United leader and the current Chief Minister of Bihar is well versed in politics. Not only does he always try to be on the right side but he has also been known to maintain a very low-key appearance. He is one of the few non-BJP leaders today who have successfully […]

Meet Harivansh Narayan Singh, the newly elected Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha

On Thursday, National Democratic Alliance candidate and Janata Dal (United) MP Harivansh Narayan Singh won the election for the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman post. He secured victory over the Congress backed opposition candidate BK Hariprasad by 125 against 105 votes. The 62-year-old Harivansh Narayan Singh was editor-in-chief of the Prabhat Khabar newspaper based in Jharkhand’s […]

NDA candidate for Deputy Chairman post of Rajya Sabha achieves convincing victory

National Democratic Alliance candidate and Janata Dal (United) MP Harivansh Narayan Singh has won the election for the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman post. He defeated the Congress backed opposition candidate BK Hariprasad by 125 against 105 votes. This is a huge win for the BJP backed candidate which has taken place just prior to the […]

Blast from the past: When Lalu’s sons were beaten up for eve-teasing

Janata Dal United (JDU) MLC Neeraj Kumar and party spokesperson Sanjay Singh levied some serious accusations on opposition party leaders on Friday. Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leaders Tej Pratap Yadav and Tejashwi Yadav were attacked a day prior to their dharna at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. The RJD is holding a dharna at Jantar […]

Has Nitish Kumar agreed to the idea of rotational Chief Ministership?

Bihar Chief Minister and leader of Janata Dal (United)  Nitish Kumar was being  considered as one of the strong candidates to lead the united Third Front. Rejection of all possibilities of JDU joining RJD-Congress coalition, at the hands of the Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Tejashwi Yadav, seems to have settled the dust over his future […]

Nitish’s Mahagathbandhan entry fee- resign as CM and fight the PM from Varanasi

With less than a year left for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, speculations are rife about who will fight elections against the giants in the Bharatiya Janata Party . The main focus though, pretty much like in 2014, has stayed on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the seat from which he is going to contest […]

The secular compulsions of Nitish Kumar: JD(U) skips International Yoga Day celebrations

In what comes as a matter of surprise, the JD(U) has reportedly snubbed International Yoga day celebrations. While the country prepared for the day with palpable enthusiasm and actively celebrated the International Yoga day, the ‘secular’ forces within the country tried their best to cause detractions. It is disturbing how the JD(U) decided to follow […]

Nitish Kumar attacks RJD and Congress, slams dynasty politics

The current Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar is perhaps the most clever leader in the country because without having a significant voter base he has been ruling the state for more than a decade. He is a much better psephologist than top professionals like Yogendra Yadav because he has always been in alliance with […]

Darbhanga beheading case and the lull in the media

Darbhanga beheading incident: If we were to believe that the anti-India slogans raised during the RJD victory celebrations were a war cry, we might not be mistaken. An even more shocking incident has emerged from Darbhanga, where a 70-year old man was allegedly killed by 20 to 25 men merely over the naming of a […]

Love, Ambition, Jealousy, Cheating, Break-up, Patch-up – Why JDU BJP Story is a perfect Bollywood Romantic flick?

Bhartiya Janata Party and Janata Dal United were in a relationship. They were together for more than a decade. They had a healthy relationship but they were not very rich and did not have much power, but they were very happy. At the cost of sounding clichéd they “completed” each other. They were limited to […]

After One and a Half Years, Nitish Kumar is finally Sorry

We all make horrible choices at one point or the other in life. It’s only human! What separates the extraordinary from the crowd is that he corrects those mistakes earlier than others. A year and a half ago, Nitish Kumar made a horrendous choice when he decided to breakaway from a 17-year-old alliance – an […]

Nitish Kumar defeated Lalu in the game of Political Wrangling, The End of The Grand Alliance is almost here

Ever since the grand alliance of Bihar took shape, one was well-aware that it was only a matter of time. Having observed the primary players in the alliance for years, knowing how they functioned and what the dynamics were in this situation, one knew it wouldn’t last long. One and half years after Nitish Kumar […]
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