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Ashish Dwivedi

53 Posts

Ashish Dwivedi is Senior Editor at He hails from Ram Nagari Ayodhya.

Saswat Routroy

53 Posts

Patriot. Knowledge Seeker

Rohan Sachdeva

50 Posts

Ardent Nationalist |Geopolitical Enthusiast | Traditionalist | Anti-Degeneracy | Enemy of Cultural Marxism Former Associate Editor at...

Jayesh Sharma

48 Posts

Indian, reader, Classical Liberal, rationality enthusiast, Filmy, Laparoscopic cancer surgeon

Kishore V Ramsubramonian

47 Posts

Name: Kishore V Ramsubramonian Age: Wine Education: Been to College of Engg TVM and IIM(A) Work: Travel,...

Subodh Kumar

43 Posts

Patriot, Interests - Defence, Indian Armed forces , Para Military forces and Geo-politics. Vision “Super Power Republic...


40 Posts

Chartered Accountant by Education. Passionate about Public Policy, Investment, Economics and Movies.

Manoranjan Chaudhary

40 Posts

A nationalist, A Petroleum Engineer by profession, good orator, political enthusiast, working part time for the upliftment...

Shubhangi Sharma

40 Posts

UPSC aspirant from Shillong, India. Liberal, tolerant and vocal nationalist.

Sanbeer Singh Ranhotra

39 Posts

Sikh| In love with life in all it's eternity| Voracious reader and a keen writer| Determined| Achiever|...

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