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Shridutt Gaitonde

117 Posts

An Embryologist by profession,an aspiring writer, media enthusiast, political commentator, loves to experiment into sketching and painting,...

Krishna Kumar Rai

100 Posts

Krishna is an active ' political thinker' in the morning, and turns into a shayar by the...

Shailesh Subramanian

62 Posts

Functional manager in the IT industry by profession and a budding novelist. A keen follower of Indian...


59 Posts

Wage slave by profession, but longing to be free soul at heart. Love my Hindu heritage, and...

Mayura Rao

57 Posts

Mayura Rao is a Freelance Creative Writer and a passionate blogger, a travel freak and humor buff...

Shalabh Tewari

57 Posts

music aficionado, avid quizzer, interested in geopolitics and strategic affairs, bibliophile

Yash Joshi

56 Posts

Aspiring Civil servant ,hell bent on bringing about a positive change in India .

Saswat Routroy

53 Posts

Patriot. Knowledge Seeker

Rohan Sachdeva

50 Posts

Ardent Nationalist |Geopolitical Enthusiast | Traditionalist | Anti-Degeneracy | Enemy of Cultural Marxism Rohan is an Associate...

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