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Why the hypocritical Editors Guild put a journalist under the bus

If you try to accurately describe the last time a journalist from the mainstream media was abused, heckled and even thrashed, the odds are you going to be terribly wrong about it. If you even tried to predict who attacked the media persons, where the incident took place and who were behind it, you would […]

Cycle of Same False Allegations: Caravan’s hitjob on Amit Shah

Repeated attempts are being made to target BJP President Amit Shah based on baseless, malicious and incorrect accusations against him and his family members. This has now become a regular cycle where the same false allegations are rehashed and sensationalised for a perverse motive, and then repeatedly amplified by the same set of people of […]

Expelled SP Leader Amar Singh may join the NDA very soon

The next General Elections are around the corner, among the important realignments, there are talks in political circles that Amar Singh might enter in NDA. Recently, one of the NDA’s alliance partners in Uttar Pradesh, the Shuheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party (SBSP) offered the ticket to expelled Samajwadi Party (SP) leader, Amar Singh, to contest 2019 […]

Another hit job by the Wire against Piyush Goyal bites the dust

The Wire is very fond of taking on the ‘powers that be’, as long as the power in question is BJP and its affiliates. Sometimes it does so on the basis of facts which is admirable and a necessity in a democracy which could work as an eye-opener for the government. But due to its […]

Modi government takes a firm stand against nepotism in judiciary

The tussle between executive and judiciary is as long as the constitution itself. It has evolved a lot with new cases and judgments coming up. The change in power equations depends on the government at the center. If the central government is in power with the full majority then it tries to clip the wings […]

Case for improved funding to pure Sciences research in India

The GDP to higher education spending ratio in India is among the lowest in the world. The budget spend on research on pure sciences is so little that innovation in fields like biotechnology is a distant dream for the country. The same Indian students, when they go to foreign universities, are best performers in the […]

Naramedham: Chapter 1 -Yajna Sthalam (The Sacrificial Altar)

About: This was a historic Novel written in Telugu by Malladi Vasundhara. She was a professor. Published in late seventies, this was part of curriculum for students of Intermediate. I read it as a kid and the story impressed me so much, it remained in my memory. I tried to find a copy to read […]

Parliament discusses reservation on economic basis for the first time

The Parliamentary proceedings of 26th July 2018 shall go down in history as a red-letter day for Indian politics, as an issue, that should’ve been discussed and implemented long ago, has finally been considered. As India celebrated the victory at Kargil War of 1999, the Parliament for the first time became witness to the discussion […]

Trivialization of male child abuse – A social decadence

Children are, easily the most precious and finest part of all civilization and social structures. In children there is embodied the ability of all animals to bear great sacrifices in the present towards building a future where the best of traditions are preserved and continued. In children there is hope for the mortal life to […]

“Temples won’t create jobs”, says Gandhi family confidante

Imagine the outrage if someone stated “Churches/Mosques won’t create jobs for tomorrow”. The entire nation would grind to a halt. There would be allegations of saffron-fascism, majoritarian oppression and religious intolerance flying across news channels and social media platforms. And rightfully so, since places of worship fall exclusively in the social domain, and have next […]

FIR against Sacred Games for ‘insulting’ Rajiv Gandhi illustrates Congress’ stand on freedom of expression

A member of the Congress party has registered a complaint against the Sacred Games TV Series. The complaint was registered in reference to a comment in the show referring to late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as a “Fattu” (translated as ‘pussy’ in subtitles) in a scene. Sacred Games is a web television series directed by […]

An Open Letter to Team Udta Punjab

Dear Team Udta Punjab, We hope that you’re in the prime of your life and enjoying the fruits of your hard work, especially the pains you all took for making Udta Punjab a grand success. Two years later, everything is hunky dory. Nothing is wrong in Punjab, and everybody is going about their business. With your […]
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