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Did Smriti Irani misuse her MPLAD funds?

Sections of the political class and the media have once again returned to play their favourite sport- targeting Smriti Irani. Amit Chavda, the president of the Congress Party’s Gujarat unit, has accused the minister of financial malpractices in spending her MPLAD (Members of Parliament Local Area Development) fund. Smriti Irani is a member of Rajya […]

Elected representative Jignesh Mevani targets private citizen

Today is a sad day for us at rightlog. Someone associated with the TFI (The Frustrated Indian) family for long, Shefali Vaidya, has been targeted online by an elected representative. Shefali needs no introduction. Apart from having been one of the initial admins of The Frustrated Indian and having written articles on, she has […]

‘Seal the Vatican Embassy’ – Subramanian Swamy

After Delhi Archbishop’s controversial letter, the Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has asked the government to cease all relations with the Vatican embassy in Delhi. He tweeted: The PM must direct MEA to scrap the diplomatic relations with Vatican and seal the its Embassy in Chanakyapuri because the Archbishop is a formal nominee of the […]

So who is lying about oil prices – India Today or Amit Malviya? It’s India Today

Several opposition leaders and media houses have pinned the blame on the Modi government for the increased oil prices in the country, while the facts tell a completely different story. Contrary to popular belief, the benefits of the recently increased oil prices go to state governments, and not the central government. BJP IT cell head […]

Sorry opportunistic trolls, the Railways hasn’t announced a ‘Vegetarian Diktat’ for Gandhi Jayanti

Brainlessly following the latest social media fad can result in some pretty embarrassing situations, since most of the content on social media is neither credible nor verified by the sheep that aimlessly fall for them. The latest such trend seems to be the much ado over the Railways’ proposal (stress on proposal) to keep 2nd […]

Midnight fiasco, swearing-in, floor test – the road ahead for the BJP

So it’s final now- B S Yeddyurappa has taken oath as the Chief Minister of Karnataka today. The midnight Supreme Court antics of the opposition failed miserably, as the highest court of the land upheld the Governor’s decision, giving the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate the go-ahead to form the government. Although, Congress’ petition will be […]

Karnataka Elections could prove to be the BJP’s Gateway to the South

The BJP has been known to be unpopular in South India, there’s no denying. This is especially true in the case of Tamil Nadu and the Communist stronghold of Kerala. While Karnataka has been a swing state over the past two decades, the circumstances surrounding the BJP’s impressive victory in Karnataka could nonetheless indicate a sign of […]

The Karnataka defeat has tarnished Rahul Gandhi’s political credentials again

Rahul Gandhi, the face of  The Indian National Congress (INC) has proved his mettle time and again. As much as Congress would like to hide the effect of Rahul Gandhi’s words and actions, it outshines anyone else’s drastically. Even the BJP which has won state after state in the elections since 2014 has not been […]

Major success for the Army forces: 5 terrorists killed in Kashmir

While the whole of India along with the rest of the world was busy enjoying the latest Avengers: Infinity War movie, the Indian Army and the CRPF battalions enjoyed in their own special manner. The civil war situation in Kashmir has been going on for decades and the BJP backed Indian army has been on […]

Jinnah-Aligarh Muslim University controversy takes an ugly turn

After details of Pakistan’s ‘Father of the Nation’ Jinnah’s portrait being displayed in the renowned Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), has shocked the entire nation, huge protests have been taken place within the university campus which are eventually taking an ugly turn. Even though the vested interests within the university have been totally exposed, they have […]

Misplaced rage: Quint’s attack on Piyush Goyal’s tweet shows their ignorance of facts.

Using facts to mould reality is perhaps the greatest skill of our time, where the same piece of information can be conveyed in a manner that tells an entirely different story.  The Quint, one of the leading sources of fake news and hit jobs in the Indian media today has come up with yet another […]

Rahul’s ignorance about his own constituency puts students’ lives into jeopardy.

Rahul Gandhi has been a Member of Parliament from Amethi since 2004. A member of the Legislative Assembly or the Parliament is supposed to know about his electoral constituency in minute details. Due to the very nature of the duties of an MP, he is supposed to be conversant about all necessary installments in his […]
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