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‘Comming soon’ in a theater near you, Tej Pratap Yadav.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. As the old saying goes, it’s never too late to follow your dreams. It looks like former Health Minister of Bihar and son of Lalu Prasad Yadav, Tej Pratap Yadav has finally realized this and is now following his dream of becoming an actor. “It’s never […]

The righteous outrage against Government overreach of the most intrusive kind.

Default settings are funny and often confusing. Default setting in technology refers to a preexisting value of a user-configurable setting, assigned to a software application or a device. Such settings are also called factory presets. It may sound like a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo but that’s precisely what it is, a standard origination and […]

‘Coca-Cola founder used to sell Shikanji’ and other ‘Rahulisms’.

After coming up with the idea of making a machine which can convert potatoes into gold, Rahul Gandhi is back again with his oh-so-cherished pearls of wisdom. Today at Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium speaking to party’s OBC wing, the Congress President talked about the origin of various companies. He said that the person who started the […]

😂 Rahul Gandhi(?) doing things at an international airport

Recently, a video clip of Rahul Gandhi standing in an immigration queue in an Airport went viral. The clip shows Rahul Gandhi dressed in an expensive looking jacket and a cap. He appears a bit jaded. It is unclear whether the clip is from his most recent foreign trip purported purpose of which was to […]

(mis)Adventures of Liberal Justice League.

The Justice League of Bigots is the exclusive Desi Coterie of choicest bigots starring in one of the biggest, most ambitious crossovers ever. They started out by demanding justice for a child who went through hell on earth which was indeed a sordid event; our deepest sympathies. This was then angled to shame a religion […]

[Satire] 2018 budget Leaked: Opposition and Media React

Disclaimer: It’s a Satire Team got important leaks before the formal 2018 budget announcement. Arun Jaitley stunned his critics by presenting a neither too progressive nor too populist budget while most of the political pundits and economics nerds expected the budget to be populist and non-disruptive. Here are some top reactions: Arun Jaitley: In […]

Rahul Gandhi is going to win Congress President Post, Unopposed

Rahul Gandhi became a part of active politics in 2004 but he always considered this country as well as his Party his personal fiefdom, as a direct result of which he never took politics seriously. A Safe Parliament Seat ensured that he never had to toil hard to win an election hence he never took […]

No! You CAN NOT Mock a CM in India

Bala should be arrested. Not only arrested, but imprisoned for life. He deserves it. How dare he compare the District Collector, Chief of Police of Nellai (Thirunelveli) and the man whom the people of Tamilnadu trusted with their fate Mr E Palaniswami, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu with a Sanyasi who wares wealth as a […]

15 Times When Giriraj Singh proved that He is the King of Twitter

There are about 25 Million Active Twitter users in India. Almost every celebrity is on Twitter. Right from the Ward Pramukh to the Prime Minister himself, almost Every Political Party and politician is on Twitter. Being such a thriving community, Twitter also witnesses funny barbs, sarcastic jibes, heated argument, comment threads, memes and verbal duels […]

[SATIRE] World Bank’s Thumbs Up to PM Modi: Shocking Responses of Sonia, Chidambaram, Rahul and Manmohan Singh

A pall of gloom fell over 10 Janpath on hearing the World Bank report that India has moved up to the hundredth spot in the ease of doing business, thirty places higher than the previous year. A worried Congress President Sonia Gandhi called for a meeting with some of the top Congress persons. Some of […]

20 things I concluded by Observing “Coffee Lovers” in Queues outside Starbucks Outlets Yesterday

Yesterday was a great day for Coffee lovers. Or those who pretend to be coffee lovers? Or those who would consume anything that comes from a global outlet. Or the Freebie hunters. Or those who’d actively scan classified sections in newspapers and nosedive into anything that comes free/cheap. Starbucks did a great service to humankind […]

Tipu Sultan was a Compassionate Man. Don’t believe us? Read

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah in defending his decision to celebrate Tipu Jayanti, claimed that “Tipu Sultan was secular (1), he fought against British in three wars, in a sense our freedom struggle began with Mysore wars- between English and Tipu. He (Tipu) being called a fanatic or claims that he converted Hindus is baseless. He didn’t […]
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