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The hateful trolling of Kareena Kapoor exposes the authoritarian and intolerant nature of modern feminism

The Left Liberal ecosystem, which comprises largely of self-declared feminists, functions akin to the Mafia system. The two characteristics that are central to the functioning of both these systems are- Omerta, the code of silence, and two, the “you’re either with us or against us” mentality. The recent trolling and ridiculing of one of Bollywood’s […]

Priyanka Chopra starrer Quantico shows ‘Hindu terrorists’ plotting to blow up Manhattan, blame Pakistan

Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico, an American television series that is going to go off air after its ongoing third season, seems to have signed off in a disgusting manner. The latest episode of the series, which is battling abysmally low viewer ship, shows a plot line in which “Indian nationalists” are trying to blow up New […]

Life Over Two Beers will be read for many years to come

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of short stories and most of my exposure to this genre came from the ‘required reading’ as a student. And even then, I often relied on Sparknotes instead of reading them for myself. After reading Life Over Two Beers by Sanjeev Sanyal, I’m beginning to get a […]

Pakistan bans ‘Veere di Wedding’ for gruesome content

Indian filmstars from the big world of Bollywood have no limits to the levels they stoop down to in order to promote their films. Promos, challenges, giveaways are usually carried out before a film is launched to give publicity to their upcoming movies, but some people go quite too far. Some celebreties do not hesitate […]

Classy, Consistent, Charismatic: That’s AB de Villiers for you

Cricket has been a religion in India since ages, worshipped in all nooks and corners of the country irrespective of state, language and religion. Indian cricketers enjoy a huge fan following, especially batsmen who enjoy the cream of the devotion reserved for sportspersons in India. It is very difficult for Indians to accept the defeat […]

Honest Review of Parmanu: The movie we saw, the nuances we didn’t

Essaying history on screen has never been easy, especially for Bollywood. Often it has let its own agenda get the better of the actual work. Outlandish concepts, anachronistic portrayals, and senseless glorification of those who don’t deserve it are a few things that have often destroyed historical films in Bollywood, who could’ve introduced the cinema […]

Sanjay Dutt biopic ‘Sanju’ teaser looks promising, let’s hope its not ‘Azhar’.

On 24 April 2018, Rajkumar Hirani registered an explosive comeback with the release of the much talked about movie teaser Sanju, a film based on the life of one of the most controversial actors of the industry ever, Sanjay Dutt essayed by suave actor Ranbir Kapoor. With the introduction of the teaser, we’re in on […]

Sushil Kumar and Mary Kom prove that age is just a number

Commonwealth Games 2018 (CWG) held in picturesque Gold Coast have been particularly good for Indian athletes. Currently, India is ranking third in the medal tally with 20 gold medals, behind host Australia and England. India’s 218-strong CWG squad has delivered fine performances raking up 47 medals so far. Adding another achievement to her impressive list, […]

The most honest review of movie ‘October’ is here

It’s rare to see a film, that has its own flaws, and yet seems much better than your usual, run of the mill movies, overstuffed by Bollywood. One does not expect to witness realism in a way that would keep one glued to their seats for the entire duration of the movie. But that’s precisely […]

It’s raining gold medals for India at the commonwealth games 2018

Even as the commonwealth games hosted down under in Gold Coast reached its seventh day, India seems to be maintaining its favourite hunting ground. India has always enjoyed a prolific record at the commonwealth games. In fact, Indian athletes have won a whopping 101 medals in the 2010 Commonwealth games hosted in New Delhi. In […]

Divya Bharti: The enigma that she was, and the mystery her death remains

Bollywood has been a merchant of dreams. It has created stars and carved out legends who have taken the world by storm. Nevertheless, not everyone is lucky to translate stardom into a legacy. Along with that, Bollywood is not always the land of dreams as it portrays itself to be. The mysterious death of cinestar […]

Apsara, one of India’s most precious stolen antiques is coming back to India

Named the ‘Apsara’, the priceless stone sculpture which is around 1,000 years old and currently housed in a US museum, is all set to be brought back to India soon. As per the Union Culture Ministry, the valuable sculpture dates back to the 10th century. It wasn’t plundered in the Middle Ages but stolen precisely […]
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