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Namaste England poster cuts off Aksai Chin from India’s map

Even as the nation geared up for the Independence Day celebrations, Bollywood continued with its vicious anti-India propaganda. This time around, Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra-starrer Namaste England poster has created a controversy by cutting off Aksai Chin region of Jammu & Kashmir from India’s map. This poster was released yesterday and therefore, Vipul Shah’s movie […]

Kohli’s captaincy in England leaves much to be desired

If you are shocked at the disastrous run of the Indian team in the ongoing test series in England where India have lost both the games at Edgbaston and Lords respectively, don’t be. There is nothing new in what has happened in these two tests which hasn’t unfolded in the foreign tours of India in […]

Mulk Collections stand at Rs. 11.5 Crs after week 1, Indian right wingers have taught a lesson to Bollywood

Which part of the world will look up to film celebrities for their excellent take on politics, society, culture, rights, duties, liberalism, conservatism, animal rights, caste, creed, colour, gender and every class distinction known to human kind? Yes, that’s right, India. In India, the cine stars double up as social justice warriors as well, but […]

Karwaan movie review – Simple, sweet and refreshing

Ever seen an Indian movie, especially that in Bollywood, with no extra masala, over the top action scenes, and irrelevant logic, but simplicity and sweetness in just the right degree? Joking, right? Well, we won’t blame you, but when you watch Karwaan, you leave the hall with a huge smile on your face and pleasant […]

Honest Review of Mulk – Hypocrisy, Minority Appeasement, Hinduphobia – in that order

Rarely do we witness such Bollywood movies in the 21st century, where everything about the movie is out in the open, even before it has hit the theaters. But not Mulk, starring actors Rishi Kapoor, Taapsee Pannu and Ashutosh Rana in prominent roles, the movie was presented as a gritty, hard hitting ‘social drama’, that […]

India-England test series: Players India would be counting on

India is all set to begin the 5 match test series against England on their home soil. India’s tour of England started with three T20 matches which India won 2-1. It was followed by a loss for India in the ODI series by 2-1 at the hands of the hosts. The 5 test match series […]

Nepal cricket team’s captain writes a heartfelt letter on team’s first ODI match

There are three types of stories. The first kind which exist only in dreams and imaginations, the second type which have shaped the world around you and have had an impact on you and your surroundings, the third one and arguably the most beautiful type of story is one which is being written today. The […]

Ajay Devgn to play legendary Indian football coach Syed Abdul Rahim

Indian football has not gotten even a fraction of the attention and motivation it deserves from the film industry. The Bollywood has limited itself to cricket when it comes to film-making on sports and athletes. This is perhaps because cricket is the most popular and glamorous game in north India.  In recent years, however, the […]

Neeraj Pandey to direct the movie based on the life of Chanakya, Ajay Devgn to portray the brilliant political theorist of ancient India

Reliance Entertainment and Friday Filmworks’ Plan C studio announced their next film is going to be based on the life and teachings of eminent and evergreen teacher, philosopher, economist, political thinker and royal advisor- Chanakya. Chanakya played a pivotal role in establishing the Maurya dynasty and had authored ancient Indian political treatise ‘Arthashastra’ which has […]

Bollywood and its penchant for Hindu upper caste villains

Bollywood’s unique traits of secularism are hidden from none. Their penchant for pious characters from the minority community often at the receiving end of the goons from the majority community is well known to all. When it comes to portraying villains, Bollywood has always relied on their tried and tested formula: ‘Saffron Terror’. Much before […]

Mukkabaaz : A cinematic portrayal of Anurag Kashyap’s prejudiced view of Brahmins

Isn’t this the same country that cheered for a Muslim Protagonist Faizal Khan as he pumped bullets in the body of a Hindu villain Ramdheer Singh? Did Anurag Kashyap feel the need of repeatedly telling the audience that Ramdheer was an upper caste Hindu Bahubali to make the audience hate him? No, Ramdheer Singh destroying […]

An honest review of ‘Sanju’: Avoided Azhar blues, but could’ve been better

High on drugs, accused of being hand in glove with those involved in the 1993 Black Friday blasts, claims to have more than 308 girlfriends at one time. Not the best person to start with, eh? But that’s our quirky superstar, Sanjay Dutt for you. Son of the illustrious actors Sunil Dutt and Nargis, Sanjay […]
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