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US President Trump maligned with another fake news by mainstream media.

The American media outlets have given such a spin-off to one of President Trump’s statements that even Indian media outlets, infamous for twisting statements, would be put to shame. Several of the famous American media outlets have reported that President Trump has labeled the immigrants as ‘animals’. However, if one goes to the root of […]

Pakistan gets a taste of its own medicine as US blocks Pak bid to place Khurasani on terror watch list

US has blocked Pakistan’s bid to list Jamaat-ul-Ahrar‘s commander Umar Khalid Khurasani in the terror watch list of the sanctions committee. Jamaat-ul-Ahrara is considered to be a faction of Tehreek-e Taliban. Ironically, Pakistan supported the Taliban government in Afghanistan in the late 1990s. Pakistan military trained Pashtun fighters during the Soviet-Afghanistan War. After the war […]

Fitting Reply: Israel strikes Iranian facilities in Syria after rocket attacks by Iran

In what seems to be the biggest manifestation of the shadow war between Israel and Iran, Israeli military has struck Iranian military installments deep inside Syrian territory. In what is seen by many as the emergence of a major military conflict between the two nations, Iran fired twenty rockets into Israel from Syria. Most of […]

Is the historic North-South Korea summit a victory for Trump-doctrine?

Finally, the unconventional diplomatic strategy of President Trump with regard to North Korea, has paid off.  The radically different strategy used by President Trump in his dealings with the North Korean dictator have yielded positive results. His campaign of economic sanctions, “fire and fury” threats and inflammatory “Little Rocket Man” taunts, and tweets seem to have worked. […]

Radical Islamists reject manifesto demanding religious reforms in France.

In what is suggestive of a rise in extremist Islam in France, a French manifesto has become the victim of brazen refusal to delete texts relating to anti-Semitism. The manifesto signed by the former president Nicolas Sarkozy and former prime minister Manuel Valls among others, has demanded that the violent excerpts of the Quran which […]

Kim Jong-Un visits the South, agrees to denuclearise the Peninsula, end Korean War.

North Korea and South Korea, two bordering nations sharing the same race and ethnicity have been at loggerheads with each other for many decades. The dictatorial rule in North Korea did not allow freedoms to its own population, how then could it tolerate the freedom being enjoyed by the citizens of its neighbour and brother […]

The Showdown between Trump and Kim Jong: The Dictator blinks first.

Efforts of Donald Trump appear to have borne fruits after Kim Jong Un announced that North Korea will halt its nuclear and missile tests. Amidst tensions between the two countries with Kim Jong Un issuing dire threats to the United States and the President of USA sharing fiery messages on social media aimed at the […]

Pakistan’s forces humiliated again as 5 dead in clashes with Afghanistan

Pakistan suffered 5 casualties after cross border clashes broke out yesterday between Afghanistan security forces and Pakistani troops who were stationed there with the task of fencing up a stretch of the rugged 2,500 km mountainous border. Afghan officials have claimed that Pakistani troops entered Afghan territory, prompting them to engage. Local tribesmen were also […]

Trump’s hypocrisy on US involvement in Syrian conflict risks peaceful solution

People say International relations is much like a chess board, with Kings and Knights standing behind soldiers and geography and history pulling the strings. In recent years no conflict is more representative of this than that of Syria. With armed rebel groups, multiple terrorist groups of varied allegiances and ethnicities, two former cold war opponents […]

Banned for Life! Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif handed life ban from politics

In a surprising turn of events, former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been banned from participating in Pakistani politics for life. Nawaz Sharif was previously disqualified from the post of Prime Minister in July after a probe ordered by The Supreme Court on panama Papers found him guilty of not disclosing monetary assets from […]

Are godfather Trump and consigliere Cohen in trouble this time?

On Monday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents raided Michael Cohen’s office and hotel room, seeking records related to payments made shortly before the 2016 US Presidential election to an adult film actress Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford aka Stormy Daniels. She claims to have had sexual encounters with president Trump. On a referral from […]

Bangladesh to end reservations in Government jobs after massive student protest

We have seen Bangladesh mentioned in the news for a plethora of reasons lately. Most of them were negative in nature, be it the rise of the Islamic fundamentalism in Bangladesh, or the crippling state of law and order in the state, with bloggers being killed in open daylight and police failing to take action.Therefore, […]
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