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The dots connecting Syrian Boy in Aleppo, Pellet Blinded Kashmiris and Citizens of Gaza

  • By Kapil Routray
  • August 25, 2016
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What do a now half-blind Kashmiri medical student, a young Syrian boy in Aleppo, and the citizens of Gaza have in common? Many things. The most important one, for both us and their societies at present, is this: – They are Sacrifices. It is also the most politically incorrect answers out there. And for obvious […]

Hillary Clinton’s open endorsement of Terrorism

2016 shall be remembered as the year when Global Mainstream Media definitively lost every shed of the little credibility it had left and its ideological inclinations and collusion with specific political parties were laid bare for everyone to see. And at the center of the great shift was of course the American Presidential Elections of […]

The perpetual propaganda of attaining Peace, through War

Back in 1990, when India was still a de facto Soviet client state and it cost INR 10 a minute to call someone on the phone, there had been a war, now known to us by the First Gulf War. The build-up had begun long ago, in the 80s when NATO-backed Iraq had declared war […]

How India supervised Nepal PM Oli’s exit?

  • By Ajit Datta
  • July 26, 2016
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India is arguably the biggest impediment to China’s long-term geopolitical objectives. It is just as much about territorial disputes as it is about a paradigm shift in the world order, which is underway. It isn’t for nothing that the twenty-first century is referred to as the Asian Century. Considering the Asian giants, India and China, […]

Dear Liberals, Trump is Coming!

A possibility that seemed too good to be true to some and a dystopian reality the entire world needs to avoid to others, Donald Trump, against all odds has beaten a plethora of candidates to emerge as the Presidential nominee of the Republican party. What was unimaginable until a year ago but has seemed an […]

What the Turkish Coup Can tell us about India’s Energy Futures?

The recent coup- or whatever it was- in Turkey left a distinctly unpleasant smell in one’s nostrils. Mostly because it reminded many of this small fire that had broken out at the Reichstag in Berlin a few decades ago. Wise investors are also buying up cutlery stocks as quick as they can- foreseeing a possible […]

Welcome to Germany dear Terrorists, You can shoot us now

On 18th July, Germany witnessed an Islamic terror attack. A 17 year old boy-Riaz Khan Ahmadzai-shouted “Allahu Akhbar” and went on a stabbing rampage inside a train near Bavaria’s Würzburg city. Reports suggest that he used an ax and knife to attack people and was shot dead by cops. More than twenty passengers were injured […]

China’s South China Sea Setback: What it means for the World and India?

South China Sea has grabbed all the major international headlines this week. One of world’s busiest waterways, it may soon be added to the list of global flashpoints. The claims of a belligerent China are being strongly countered by a host of nations bordering the water body, threatening the fragile peace that has held in […]

Nice Attack: How many more will it take to wake us up?

  • By Kalpojyoti Kashyap
  • July 15, 2016
Only a few days back, a French intelligence officer remarked that the country was on the verge of a civil war, that one terror attack was all that would take to plunge the country in the depths of Civil War. Then, Nice Attack happened. On Bastille Day, as the French were celebrating the ethos of […]

Why India doesn’t need to fear China anymore?

  • By Kapil Routray
  • July 11, 2016
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On July 1st of this year, an anti-ship missile- the supersonic Hsiung-feng III (“Brave Wind”) – was launched from a Chinese naval vessel. It struck a Taiwanese fishing trawler, killing three men. The incident was deemed as an accident by the Chinese authorities- but tensions between the two countries have ratcheted up yet another notch. […]

Al Qaeda Vs ISIS: Their Principles, Proficiency and Purpose

The organization known to us today as the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (or alternately, by the Arabic transliteration Da’esh) has been around in one way or the other since 1999. Since 2006, it has enjoyed the support of a massive section of the local population in the afore-mentioned two countries. From 2011 onwards, […]

Bangladesh Attack was a Holy War for them, RELIGION has got EVERYTHING to do with it

On 1st July 2016, seven armed jihadis stormed into the Holey Artisan bakery in the upmarket Gulshan area of Dhaka, taking more than 30 people hostage. In a throwback to the Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall siege of 2013 by Al Shabaab militants, only the ones who could recite Koran verses were spared. The rest were […]
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