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Has Brahumdag Bugti’s asylum already been approved?

After prime minster Modi spoke about Balochistan in his Independence Day address from the ramparts of the Red Fort, the issue has been catapulted into the global mainstream. Balochistan is one of those territories in the world that has undergone largescale oppression in the hands of ruthless occupiers, namely the Punjabis of Pakistan. The effort […]

NO, China is not Pakistan’s “all-weather ally”

Recently I happened to read ‘JFKs forgotten crisis’ by Bruce Reidal, a book which peeps into Kennedy administration’s handling of the less spotlighted war at the Indo china border in 1962 when Cuban missile crisis was at its peak. Fundamentally it underlined how an American tilt towards Indian side during the brief border war had […]

The most awesome and accurate analysis of Nawaz Sharif’s address at UNGA ‘16

First, let me congratulate Nawaz Sharif for many of us heard one Pakistani talking in English for more than fifteen minutes. This speech of Nawaz Sharif would go down in the annals of the history of Pakistan if not for anything else, for this one reason. Nawaz Sharif to UN: The opening statement: Today, three […]

How Hillary got anxious and handed her advantage to Trump?

If there was one thing that you would learn from the 2016 US elections it would be Hillary Clinton’s “How not to run a presidential campaign”. She had this election in her hand and now it looks like she will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Last month she had a 5 point lead […]

Why US doesn’t support the idea of a free Balochistan?

Modi’s I-day reference to Balochistan has created palpable excitement throughout the nation. The sense of enthusiasm is understandable as most Indians feel that Pakistan has been allowed to take advantage of India’s righteous behaviour and that it is about time that Pakistan is taught a lesson. There is also a comprehensible sense of deja vu. […]

Why Modi didn’t attend the NAM Summit?

I stumbled upon an article on, that screamed “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to skip the 17th Non Aligned Movement (NAM) summit reflects poorly on his ability to utilize strategic levers that have served the country well in the past and continue to have relevance even today.” When Modi had no qualms in attending […]

How subsidies made Venezuela a beggar nation?

Venezuela’s undergoing economic crisis has been taken to the streets by its hungry citizens. The nation is being torn apart by food shortages, with a large percentage of the population going without three meals a day. Experts are already fearing for the health of future generations that are growing up in times where the prices […]

Why the West really opposes North Korean Nuclear Weapons?

1500 years ago, the Shiva Dhanurveda- one of the principal military manuals of the Sri Sri Gupta Mandala- or the Gupta Empire- declared: ‘(Enemy) heroes who faint, or are wounded, or whose weapons are broken, or who are fighting with another warrior, or who are asking for asylum or refuge, should not be killed…A mighty […]

Unmasking Malala Yousufzai: Want to see her deplorable side?

A leopard never changes its spots Malala Yousufzai , in an interview to the Pakistani daily Dawn, has called upon the United Nations and international community to put an end to the “atrocities on Kashmiri people in Indian held Kashmir”. As per reports:- “The people in Kashmir, like people everywhere, deserve their fundamental human rights… […]

ISIS fears the Burqa, So much so that they have banned it altogether

  • By Mayura Rao
  • September 8, 2016
  • 1 Comment
A recent development of Jihadi commanders being shot dead by gun wielding Burqa clad women has forced the Sharia advocating ISIS to release an order preventing women in burqa from entering its security and military centers banning burka in the Iraqi town of Mosul. That the ISIS, which propagates the ruthless infliction of violent forms […]

China misjudged Pakistan while making it an ally, now the consequences are here

With friends like Pakistan, one doesn’t need any enemies. This was the lesson USA learnt in the hard way. From the days when ‘Mujahideen’ were supported in the credits of Rambo-III, to the day when Osama Bin Laden was killed in a commando operation, America’s perception of Pakistan had changed a lot. As it is, […]

[Watch] Obama got Hugs for Modi, Snub for Jinping

The G20 founded in 1999, is the global forum for governments and central bank governors from 20 major economies of the world. It aims to study, review, and promote high-level debate of policy issues relating to the international financial stability and It pursues to address matters that go outside the accountabilities of any one government […]
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