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India has never treated Israel fairly, Modi is ready to make an exception

Just few days back India signed $2 billion defense deals with Israel to increase the capability of Indian army and make it ready to face the enemy in case of any contingency. As per the deal Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will provide the Indian Army with advanced medium-range surface-to-air missile (MRSAM) systems. The Cabinet Committee […]

Could West Bengal be ISIS’s first target in India?

The Allies, after their victory in the Second World War, reflected in their existence the principles and ideals that formed a lesson for many countries across the globe, especially in Europe rendered barren by the Second World War. The surge in print journalism, the evolution of radio broadcasts, and the breakthroughs in digital content, first […]

Now, Pakistan has no option, but to release Kulbhushan Jadhav unharmed

  • By Bhushan Agrawal
  • April 12, 2017
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Scene1: Somewhere near the Afghan-Baluchistan-Iran border gun and rocket launcher trotting mullahs make a catchy prize by kidnapping an Indian. Moments later they realize they have laid hands on a gold mine, because the Indian kidnapped is an ex-naval officer, next they strike a deal with the Pakistan based ISI and sell him for gold. […]

Forget Islamic Terrorism, are we ready for vehicular terrorism?

Trucks are the latest threat to the world. They are mowing down people. There seems to be something wrong here. Even our liberal media, who btw are the last word where truth is concerned, are worried:- Sweden becomes the latest victim of vehicular terrorism And if our liberal friends are worried, that means there is […]

China may not like Dalai Lama’s Arunachal’s visit, but they cannot do anything

Learning his lessons from the way he handled Pakistan and the responses he received for various types of overtures, Narendra Modi choose to play hard game with China. So, devised are the plans involving Mongolia and Vietnam. When the Chinese cared for nothing, Modi played the ace, by allowing another visit by Dalai Lama to […]

Steve Bannon was the master of the game, until he met McMaster

After the resignation of Lt. General Michael Flynn as the National Security Advisor in February 2017, the search for the new NSA ended with Lt. General McMaster replacing the former. It is well known that McMaster was not the first choice of US president Donald Trump, it was retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward who turned […]

How Ziad Ahmad made it to Stanford University, will make you go WTF!

There are some good stories. There are some bad stories. And there are some stories that make you go- WTF. We present you a pure WTF story from another part of the world. This is a story about an elite educational institution called the Stanford University. This is the story about black lives. This is […]

It’s not Trump who ordered attacks on Syria, it’s the Deep State

  • By Ajit Datta
  • April 7, 2017
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A section of the liberal brigade expressed outrage after America conducted airstrikes against the Syrian government. American intervention in Syria began in 2011, and American airstrikes against Syria began in 2014, both under the leadership of their blue-eyed boy. But the outrage, on expected lines, was directed towards Donald Trump. This is not to say […]

US attacks Syria for a crime they never did

Last heard, The United States launched a military strike Friday morning local time (Thursday evening ET) on a Syrian government airfield, in response to the chemical weapons attack on civilians earlier in the week The previous week, a Chemical weapons discharge near the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province left over a hundred people, […]

Military Courts are back in Pakistan, and they are meaner than ever

  • By Kapil Routray
  • April 6, 2017
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Last month, the farce that is the Pakistani Democracy belched out yet another sign of its complete impotence when Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain signed the Pakistan Army Act 2017 and the 28th Constitutional Amendment Bill, passed by the Pakistani Parliament earlier, extending the Military’s right to prosecute civilians for another two years. These Military Courts […]

UN treated Israel badly, Netanyahu paid back with interest

In September 2016 when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the podium at United Nations General Assembly it was unusual, he did not praise United Nations but bashed it unlike any other political leader. He had his reasons to do so. In 2015, the UN’s general assembly passed 20 resolutions against Israel alone, and a […]

America does a U turn on Syria, and this time for good

Irrespective of the mainstream media rhetoric, the Obama administration will go down in history as one that failed on many fronts. On the economic front, dismal growth in wages was coupled with compulsory insurance which charged unaffordable premium. On the law and order front, victims of gun violence and racial attacks were used as political […]
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