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Venezuela – Arguably the saddest country in the world, Thanks to socialism

The South American country of Venezuela has become a complete mess. If someone wants a firsthand proof of what some tyrannical leaders can do to their country, Venezuela is a perfect test case for them. The Venezuelan romance with socialism started in the late 1990s with the election of Hugo Chavez and continues till date […]

As a result of the funding cut, Pakistani military officers would no longer be training in the US

In another telling blow to Pakistan, the US government has started cutting military training programs to Pakistani officers. As per a Reuters report, U.S. officials have said that the administration has quietly started cutting a number of Pakistani officers from coveted training and educational programs that have been a hallmark of bilateral military relations for […]

United States Congress enormously cuts Pakistan’s defence aid

In a surprising move, the United States Congress has passed a defence spending bill which will restrict its total security related aid to Pakistan at $ 150 million per year. This bill has been passed by the US Congress caps the total aid provided to Pakistan for security related issues to a maximum of $150 million […]

Cracks in Chinese economy emerge as banks and tech companies continue to lose billions

The Chinese economy is in shambles as investors pull money out from the ace companies of the country. Tencent Holdings Limited, the Chinese internet giant which operates in social network, music, web portals, e-commerce, mobile games, internet services, payment systems, smartphones, and multiplayer online games has tumbled 25% from its January peak, erasing about $143 […]

US warns the IMF against lending to Pakistan

The US has bowled another googly before newly elected leader Imran Khan takes the helm of state affairs. The public finances of Pakistan are messed up and the country was expected to go to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for loans. But US cautioned the IMF against a possible bailout of Pakistan. “Make no mistake, […]

India’s outreach to the African nations, an excellent move to counter China

In the days to come, Africa is going to be the most pivotal continent. It will play a crucial role in shaping the face of world economy and geopolitics. The continent is full of natural resources and raw materials. Africa is a very important destination for countries like China and India who wants to become […]

Big boost for India: U.S. opens way for India to escape sanctions over Russia arms imports

America has imposed sanctions on Russia due to its intervention in Crimea. This led to problems in S-400 air defense missile system deal for which the payment was expected to be made in US dollars. The payments of almost 2 billion dollars for weapons and equipment including those for critical projects such as the repair […]

Helsinki Summit: Hits and misses

Amidst the arguably worst period of US Russia bilateral relations after the cold war, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met at Helsinki to discuss key issues bothering both of them. If the meeting had ended with the prepared statements at the press conference, the summit would have accomplished exactly what it needed: to put a […]

India is fortunate to have a leader like Narendra Modi, says David Cameron

David Cameron, former Prime Minister of United Kingdom said that India is fortunate to have a leader like Narendra Modi who has a clear vision. He was invited at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Kolkata. He recalled that India-Britain relationship was one of the priorities during his premiership […]

Taking a cue from Hindu practice, Chinese government promotes cremation over burial.

Seventy one percent of the Earth is roughly covered in water, the rest 29% of the Earth is land area which includes deserts, mountains, ice caps and inhabited places. Population of the Earth has increased exponentially in the past few hundred years to reach 7 plus billion. It is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to provide […]

India invites Donald Trump to be Chief Guest at Republic Day Parade 2019

In what could turn out to be a massive diplomatic coup, India has invited US President Donald Trump to be the Chief Guest at next year’s Republic Day celebrations. The announcement has come amidst a strain in ties between India and the United States over the tariffs dispute, India’s close relationship with Iran, as well […]

US politician threatens to cut military and economic aid to Pakistan

Dana Rohrabacher, a politician from the United States who represents California’s 48th congressional district in the House of Representatives has slammed Pakistan in strong words. Dana Rohrabacher is a senior politician who had earlier served as a speechwriter and Special Assistant to former President Ronald Reagan. His words therefore carry some weight and reveal what […]
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