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Battle of Laswari: An untold chronicle of the Marathas

“ In the desperate valour with which it was contested by both sides , in the equality of the numbers engaged , and in the proportion of numbers lost , the Battle of Laswari ranks above all others in which the British have been engaged in India.”      -George Malleson , 1888.  “ I […]

Vidarbha archaeological discovery confirms Vakataka links.

After the ground breaking discovery of three royal Chariots and royal burial sites in Baghpat in Western Uttar Pradesh, another discovery has been made by the Archaeological Survey of India in Vidarbha region. The Baghpat discovery has its own importance in settling down doubts over the existence of chariots and horses in the Indian history. […]

Why the Chariot discovered in Baghpat excavation is a game-changer in the understanding of Indian History?

Uttar Pradesh ASI has unearthed first-ever physical evidence of Copper Bronze Age Chariots in Baghpat. This is a sensational discovery by ASI by all counts and will set to change the hitherto held perceptions of ancient Indian History in totality. The excavation is a path-breaking discovery heralding a golden chapter in the ancient Indian History […]

How the British captured Delhi

It is generally assumed that India went from the Mughals to the British in the nineteenth century. Nothing could be farther than the truth. For it was the Maratha empire that governed much of the land and the Mughal emperor had been reduced to a mere figurehead. In fact, hardly any battle was fought between […]

While remembering Rajiv Gandhi, let’s remember the forgotten victims of Hashimpura massacre too

The past of Congress has been tainted by many sins, some willful, others out of their sheer incompetency. In 1984, with the willful collusion of many Congress leaders, the anti-Sikh riots were perpetrated which were later justified by the then PM Rajiv Gandhi, stating that “when a big tree falls, the earth shakes.” Salman Khurshid […]

Legacy of Jinnah: Partition, plunder and birth of Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a man well on the way to death before he managed to defile India by breaking away a part of it. Although, he cannot be implicated as the sole person responsible for partition and the communal riots that followed, for that is too much of a burden to be carried by […]

The emergence and rise of Caste politics in India.

When we talk of caste, we could mean two things: jati or varna. Our learned elites harp on the jati system when we talk that varna does not matter in the present market economy but remarkably switch to the varna system while discussing History so as to show that Hinduism could never exist without the […]

Shivaji: The warrior, the leader and the brilliant strategist.

Chhatrapati Shivaji was one of the greatest men to be born in this country. His exemplary vision and courage gave us “swarajya” from the clutches of Mughals and Turkic sultanates. A lot has been written about his prowess on the battlefield. The incidents involving Afzal Khan, Shaiste Khan, the battle at Kolhapur, the siege of Salher (a […]

The living hell that communism birthed.

What is hell? Where is it? More often than not you would have contemplated the concept of hell, but if you were in the Soviet Union during the Russian Revolution and on the wrong side (counter revolutionary forces) then surely you would have witnessed hell on earth. The hell I am talking about is the […]

Battle of Wadgaon: A glorious moment in Maratha history

In 1779, a series of battles were fought between the British and the Marathas. Pune fought for its very survival and the Wadgaon battle marked the high point of the Nana – Mahadji combination. Mahadji Shinde’s marshaling of resources, his strategizing and the bravery shown by the average Maratha mavla make the finale battle at […]

The Peshwa Bajirao, Marxist historians don’t want you to know about

28th March – Does this date ring a bell in your mind? Maybe, maybe not. How many Battles of Panipat were fought? Everyone know this one- 3. How many times was Delhi invaded by Islamic marauders? A whopping 12 times. And how many times did the Indians, especially the Hindus, win Delhi back? Most people […]

How Chhatrapati Shivaji’s policies were what created the Hindavi Swarajya

Chhatrapati Shivaji’s greatest test came a decade after his death. It came the moment his illustrious son – Chhatrapati Sambhaji was killed. All problems which had sent powerful Indian kings and their kingdoms to their deaths were now facing the Marathas. They prevailed; Chhatrapati Shivaji prevailed. How and why is important not just from the […]
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