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Indian Navy is Scaring the Living Daylights Out of the Chinese

In 2009 the Admiral Sureesh Mehta said neither have the capability nor intention to match China`s military prowess. However, India should not involve with Beijing in an arms race and should rather try to “nullify” its numerical strength by using better technology. This very statement from Admiral is relevant even today with an extra punch […]

China should fear the Indian Army, but it MUST fear the Indian Navy

Only a person under the rock wouldn’t be aware of the conflict going on between India and China, with respect to the territory of Doklam, situated between the triangular region of India, Bhutan and China. China, being the global bully that it is, tried to cower India into submission. But our Men in the Army, […]

India and Israel have partnered to create this Lethal Missile, Stuff of Nightmares for India’s Enemies

As technology grows the combat weapons are getting deadlier. The Main Battle tanks always decided the fate of the war but today the warfare has gone beyond. In 2010 former Army General V.K Singh had reported critical shortages in India’s Ammunition Reserves. One of the major affected areas was the ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missiles). Well […]

So, after a Month of Hollow Threats and Muscle Flexing, China Finally Realizes that India isn’t the same India anymore

The month-long India-China border standoff in the Sikkim sector is seen as part of same Chinese coercive tactics to change the status quo. India has taken a strong stand against such a Chinese move. It appears China has miscalculated how serious leadership is towards national interest or testing the waters for getting “Arunachal issue active […]

14 Days Back, Government of India Made the Indian Army Truly Battle Ready with this Excellent Decision

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, In a Lecture at Defence Services College, Wellington on Leadership and Discipline on 11th November, 1998 said “If the girls will excuse my language, ‘if you must be a bloody fool – be one quickly”. We all are aware that “Chinese cannot be trusted” and “We are in a conflict with […]

India has 3 Strategic Advantages over China, and those are enough to win a War

DISCLAIMER: This article is not written with the intention of war-mongering, instead just an attempt to quell the unnecessary fear which an ordinary citizen of India has when it comes to China. The article is written to make a layman understand that there is nothing to fear. In the twenty-first century, especially in the times […]

4 biggest myths about Cyber Warfare busted

We have been hearing this saying often, of late that future wars will be fought in the cyberspace. This is something which is becoming more and more imminent due to the ever-increasing online presence of individuals around the world. This can also be attributed to the fact that almost every developed and developing country’s governments […]

Trump Administration may strengthen India’s airpower to counter China, but India must be cautious

Owing to the China’s growing influence in South Asia, Senators Mark Warner from Virginia and John Cornyn from Texas in a joint letter to US Defense Secretary James Mattis have urged the Trump administration to push for the sale of F-16 fighter jets to India. The statement from US senators came at the time when […]

Can Internet Memes cause wars?

So, what is a Meme? A Meme is “an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture”. The term “meme” was coined by Richard Dawkins and can trace its roots to as far back as World War II where a graffitied image known as “killroy was here” became a common […]

India is now a weapon selling major country

Recently India achieved a milestone in defence sector when a Vietnamese source at VTV1 channel claimed that India is set to transfer Sky (Akash) Missile technology to Vietnam and also to export BrahMos. This is indeed a proud moment for India. India just put her foot forward with confidence in the list of weapon selling […]

We did a India Vs Pakistan Artillery Strength analysis, The results were unexpected

Napoleon famously said  “God fights on the side with the best artillery.” In the Indian context this was proven correct when the FH-77B 155 mm/39-caliber towed howitzer pounded the Pakistanis positions into submission during Kargil war played and a decisive role in winning the war against Pakistan. After India won the war many in the […]

Why does Agni IV missile matter?

On 2nd January 2017 India managed to successfully test fire the nuclear-capable ballistic missile Agni IV today. The launch came exactly a week later after India tested the Agni-V, India’s first Intercontinental ballistic missile. The missile was successfully launched from Abdul Kalam Island off Odisha coast. Agni IV fourth missile in the Agni series of […]
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