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If the situation does not improve, this might be Pakistan’s last independence day

Today the failed nation of Pakistan will complete 71 years of its creation. The journey of nations and their histories are written with a period gap of hundreds of years between the empires, rulers, and dynasties.  But this could not be true for Pakistan because its history goes back to only 71 years which is […]

Deve Gowda to replace Rahul Gandhi as the opposition’s PM candidate? There are other contenders as well

The Congress party is running a coalition government in Karnataka with JD (S). The JD (S), despite being the junior partner (in terms of numbers) to the coalition government in the state, it has showed a complete lack of faith in the leadership of Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Everything is not well between JD (S) […]

Has AAP finally seen the writing on the wall?

AAP is the most notorious political party of India. The party is infamous for its puffery and U-turns. AAP was formed after the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement in 2011. The IAC led by Anna Hazare, supposedly began with the intention of bringing the unjust and scam-ridden politics of the then ruling Congress party to trial […]

Monsoon session demonstrated why the Congress is failing under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi

After the end of the Monsoon session of Parliament, it is increasingly becoming crystal clear that under the leadership of the Gandhi scion the Congress party cannot stop the victory chariot of the BJP in 2019 general elections. Two landmark victories in the recently concluded monsoon session of Parliament further cements this fact- the first […]

Amit Shah’s rally in Kolkata- a glimmer of hope for Bengali Hindus

One remarkable characteristic of the BJP after it stormed to power in 2014 has been its aggressive intent of gaining power in states and regions where it traditionally never had a base. At the forefront of the BJP’s campaign has been the master strategist, BJP chief Amit Shah, and one of the states on his […]

One year of Gorakhpur tragedy: How the Yogi government has fought back and almost defeated Japanese Encephalitis

It has been a year since the tragic death of 30 children took place at the government run Baba Raghav Das Hospital in Gorakhpur due to widespread Japanese Encephalitis in and around Gorakhpur which has been haunting this part of the state of Uttar Pradesh for decades. In this tragic incident 30 children had died […]

Has AAP become politically untouchable?

‘Larger than life’ Delhi CM and the national convener of AAP Arvind Kejriwal announced that his party will not join proposed grand alliance against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He said the parties who are joining the grand alliance have had no role in the development of the country. […]

Deputy chairman election: Showed NDA’s strength and the fractured ‘United Opposition’

The ill-conceived no-confidence motion had exposed chink in opposition’s armour, and on the other hand, NDA ended up gaining more clout after the no-confidence motion. The no-confidence motion showed the fragility of the opposition. Telugu Desam Party and Congress joined hands to bring about this motion which was bound to fail from the very start. […]

Nearly 600 of Delhi government schools are running without principals

The Delhi government is being lauded by the left-leaning media for their work in the education and health sector. But many organizations which have started to dig deeper into the data to verify the claims found that this is not completely true. There is no doubt that the Delhi government has increased the budget allocation […]

Ahead of 2019 BJP is winning the perception war

When it comes to perception war, BJP is way ahead of Congress party and other opposition parties. The opposition has suffered setbacks one after another. In the beginning of the Monsoon session, the opposition suffered a humiliating defeat in the no-confidence motion in the lower house of the parliament. Recently, BJP scored a big win […]

Jobless growth theory debunked: Hiring activity increased by 9% in July

There have been numerous allegations and counter-accusations between ruling party and opposition about job creation in the country. There have been many debates about whether the country has seen a jobless growth in the post-liberalization era. Some people believe that the government’s mandate is only limited to fixing the macroeconomic fundamentals and not job creation.  […]

Battle of Odisha: BJP gains ground as BJD is losing the plot

Odisha has been under the rule of Naveen Patnaik led Biju Janata Dal for quite a while now. The incumbent Chief Minister has been winning elections since 2000 and this year is his eighteenth year in the CM seat. BJD is seen as a dominant force in Odisha considering it has stopped the advance of […]
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