Author: Tushar Jain

Modicare was not a surprise, but long in the making

The next emerging superpower, the next global leader, the youngest working population, the nation on an economic tipping point, and countless other phrases have been used in the last few years to define our nation. With a projected growth in literate Indians, and over 800mn internet users, the challenge lies in harnessing the potential encompassed […]

Padmaavat Review: A Great Climax Makes up for an otherwise Average Movie

When one walks in to watch a Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie, they know what bar to set for their expectations. The grandeur of the sets, the costumes, the camerawork, and the direction, as always, is spot on. The story of Padmaavat, relatively simple, as that of Bajirao Mastani and Ram Leela, has been the fixation […]

PM Modi, Pakodas and Opposition’s Apathy for Informal Sector

When PM Modi made a statement about a street vendor taking home 200 rupees by selling Pakodas, at the end of the day being employed, the opposition burst into flames like a Phoenix from Harry Potter. Curses followed, as they do, and idiotic trends about Pakodas and #INeedAJob were curated. Now, it’s correct for people to […]

JNU Students now want Freedom from Attendance

On Monday, 15 January, thinkers, innovators, and the brilliant minds of JNU will be led by their Students Union on a strike against the harassing and regressive rule of compulsory attendance. JNU, which has been the hub of patriotism, nationalist thinking, united and progressive India, and has churned out some of the greatest political minds […]

Medical Visas to Pakistan Must Stop

In the final episode of the fourth season of ‘The West Wing’, an American President, belonging to the Democratic Party, learns that his youngest of the three daughters has been kidnapped. Unable to discharge his duties as the President of the United States, the Democratic President invokes the 25th Amendment, letting the speaker who belongs […]

4 Things that Congress did Right in their Gujarat Campaign

For the leftist media and the liberal ecosystem, Christmas has come a week early, for the Saffron Santa in Gujarat has showcased that their 47-year old silver-spooned baby is finally a boy, who despite favorable factors, can register nothing but a significant defeat against the grandest and greatest political leader of the 21st century India. […]

The India of Narendra Modi Vs The China of Xi Jinping

In the late 18th century and early 19th century, the subcontinent of India was in a political turmoil. The Marathas had already lost the opportunity to create a pan-Indian empire after the Third Battle of Panipat in 1761, and the states of Mysore, Hyderabad, Travancore, Punjab, Awadh, among others, were engaged in a futile defense […]

How Justice Dalveer Bhandari overcame all obstacles to get re-elected to ICJ?

In the 71-years history of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the United Kingdom that happens to be a permanent member of the UN Security Council has never been faced with the situation where none of its representatives was a part of the 15-judge panel. Working out the ideal diplomatic solution that involves simultaneous voting […]

China snubbed India again. It needs to be Punished. And This time we can help the Govt in its Fight

Tomorrow, if our population were to own 1.31bn handsets manufactured and assembled in China, were to import products from this country that were critical to their routine functioning, and were to even learn how the name of their President pronounced, the Chinese would not care to designate Masood Azhar as a global terrorist at the […]

I haven’t bought a single firecracker in last 12-years, but still find SC’s Cracker Ban Verdict Unsettling. My Explanation.

When it comes to public policy, there is a wide gap between recommendation and legal imposition, as showcased by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Reaching out to people to give up their LPG subsidies, he not only managed to ignite a social revolution but also managed an effective change in the rural parts of India. Thus, […]

Understanding India’s Role: ISIS, North Korea and a Possible World War-3

Well, I suppose I see a different world than you do, and the truth is that what I see frightens me. I’m frightened because our enemies are no longer known to us. They do not exist on a map, they aren’t nations. They are individuals. And look around you – who do you fear? Can […]

YES! SACK KHATTAR, but forget the following things. Forget them for Next 15 Years

Merely a few kilometers away from where I am seated right now, last Friday, excessive rioting occurred. Over three-dozen people were shot dead, Car Windshields were smashed to smithereens, a two-decade old hotel was burned down, a public building was vandalized, even torched partially, and the lives of the people living in the vicinity of […]
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