Author: Atul Kumar Mishra

Expelled SP Leader Amar Singh may join the NDA very soon

The next General Elections are around the corner, among the important realignments, there are talks in political circles that Amar Singh might enter in NDA. Recently, one of the NDA’s alliance partners in Uttar Pradesh, the Shuheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party (SBSP) offered the ticket to expelled Samajwadi Party (SP) leader, Amar Singh, to contest 2019 […]

Dear former VP Hamid Ansari, nothing about your term was ‘standard practice’

What PM Modi did or rather said to former vice-president Hamid Ansari still haunts him. Responding to what Prime Minister Narendra Modi eloquently told about him on his last day in the Rajya Sabha, Ansari said “many considered the comments to be a departure from accepted practice on such occasions”.  “The Prime Minister while being […]

Mukkabaaz : A cinematic portrayal of Anurag Kashyap’s prejudiced view of Brahmins

Isn’t this the same country that cheered for a Muslim Protagonist Faizal Khan as he pumped bullets in the body of a Hindu villain Ramdheer Singh? Did Anurag Kashyap feel the need of repeatedly telling the audience that Ramdheer was an upper caste Hindu Bahubali to make the audience hate him? No, Ramdheer Singh destroying […]

The righteous outrage against Government overreach of the most intrusive kind.

Default settings are funny and often confusing. Default setting in technology refers to a preexisting value of a user-configurable setting, assigned to a software application or a device. Such settings are also called factory presets. It may sound like a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo but that’s precisely what it is, a standard origination and […]

Aadhar Advantages: Why Critics can’t get over their Hatred?

To understand why Aadhar is required, we need to wind our clocks back to the UPA era. India had no common identify proof. Congress launched the ambitious Aadhar Project but failed owing to its obvious lack of Implementations skills. Then Came the Modi Government that made Aadhar a reality. But I still fail to understand […]

Sri Sri Ravishankar and Maulana Salman Nadvi’s initiative to find an amicable solution to Ayodhya Matter, isn’t all that amicable

The history of Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute case is older than the history of Independent India itself. The case that could have been solved decades ago became a victim of judicial imperfections, anti-Hindu forces and apathy of the subsequent governments. An eager nation watched with bated breath as a packed courtroom awaited Chief Justice Dipak […]

Sourav Ganguly is still spotting talents, an art he excels in

India’s Under 19 cricket team began their ICC Under-19 World Cup with sheer dominance as they humbled a menacing Australian team in a Group B match. Indian team has always been about its batsmen. Despite being a leading team in all formats of the game, pacers have never, for once dominated the world cricket. Leaving the […]

Virender Sehwag lashes out at Virat Kohli

Virender Sehwag has always been an enigma, a nonconformist who never played by the book. Sehwag who hit boundaries on almost every “first ball” he faced in the 2011 World Cup followed only one Mantra. If there is a ball that can be hit, it should be hit. While the world expected him to be […]

[EXPOSED] The Quint’s Fake Story about Kulbhushan Jadhav

In the month of March 2017, Lance Naik Roy Mathew became the victim of slapdash journalism. A left-leaning boutique media outlet called ‘The Quint’ had carried out a sting operation, on the much debated ‘’sahayak’’ (helper) system in the army which dates back to the colonial days. The sting video showed Lance Naik Roy Mathew, […]

One of these 5 is going to be the Next Chief Minister of Gujarat

BJP romped to power again, beating 22 years of incumbency and with an increased vote-share of 49% in what was the clearly the most closely-fought election in recent history. Modi-Shah managed to retain their crown jewel despite a spirited campaign by Congress and their rainbow caste alliance. So, at this point of time they have […]

Take a look at how AAP performed in Gujarat

It was a pleasant November Day when Aam Aadmi Party announced that it will contest the Assembly elections in Gujarat with the pious motive “Gujarat Ka Sankalp, AAP hee khara vikalp” – Gujarat’s Promise – Only AAP is the real alternative. AAP was out in the Gujarat battle field to establish a base for themselves […]

BJP Was all set to lose Gujarat, But PM Modi had other ideas

It was a scary Monday morning for BJP Supporters across the nation, at least momentarily. Early trends gave BJP a comfortable lead over Congress, at one point, the BJP looked poised to even breach the 130 mark. And then the tables turned. Congress inched ahead of BJP and soon raced ahead towards the Majority mark […]
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