Author: Saswat Routroy

The English word ‘Juggernaut’ is an insult to Bhagwan Jagannath

Noted Bengali author and Oscar award winner filmmaker Satyajit Ray once wrote- to order his orderlies to shut the door, a British officer used to say, “There was a brown crow” because he found it difficult to say- “Darwaja band karo”. So, the European scholars, who could barely utter the Sanskrit and Hindi words properly, […]

India at the top of world milk production charts

We are very much aware of this scene. When the newborn Amarendra Bahubali lost his parents, queen Shivagami adopted him and raised him like her own child- even fed him her own milk like a mother. The above scenario was a common practice in ancient and medieval period of India. When medical science was not […]

Why North East India will vote en masse for Prime Minister Modi?

The year 2014 was a spectacular year in terms of politics. The Narendra Modi-led BJP formed the NDA government at the center with a massive victory in the Lok Sabha elections 2014 . Though the victory was the most emphatic electoral victory by any political party since 1984, many anti-BJP critics recited that only 31% […]

Manik Sarkar: The So called Poorest CM is anything but Honest

The 2001 Bollywood flick ‘Nayak’ showed how a common man becomes the Chief Minister of a state and almost cleanses the entire corrupt machinery of the state in just 1 day. The movie was quite impractical but enjoyable nonetheless. There is an underlying theme in the movie that corruption is a sole virtue of ‘Proper’ […]

Kasganj: The Biggest Challenge for Yogi till date

While writing this article on January 29th, I wonder what we have achieved in these 70years of independence. India has become a country where police and administration was busy providing security to moviegoers, as a 16-year-old patriot teenager was murdered for participating in “Tiranga rally” and chanting Vande Mataram on 69th anniversary of Indian Republic […]

Dalits March in London Against Atrocities in India, Decoding the motives

Meet Jogendranath Mandal, Pakistan’s first Minister or Law and Labour. He was Pakistan’s second Minister of Commonwealth and Kashmir Affairs. Mohammad Ali Jinnah personally handpicked the Hindu Jogendranath Mandal for his loyalty towards Muslim League. This man belonged to the Namasudra community, a backward or outcaste community of the colonial Bengal. He believed that Dalits, […]

Mamata Banerjee’s Unreasonable Opposition to NRC

At the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2018 the Assam BJP government brought a new gift for the people of Assam on the New Years Eve. With this, the Assam government made it clear that they are serious about their poll-promise- to crush the illegal immigrant infiltration in the state. The government came up […]

Kim Jong is CPI (M)’s New Hero, Red Salute

Freedom of Speech (FoS) and Freedom of Expression (FoE). These two are not just mere phrases but are probably the most powerful representations of highest form of liberty that a democratic country gives to its citizens. FoS and FoE are probably the greatest capital that the capitalism-hating leftists and communists have to used further their […]

Look at these Bollywood Movies Desperately trying to Prove Pakistan as a Friendly Nation

In the year 1999, India witnessed another betrayal from Pakistan. During the days of the Kargil war, a Bollywood movie eloquently depicted the cross-border terrorism carried out by our neighbor Pakistan and created new history in Indian cinema. The movie was a super-hit. Even, the then Home Minister of India, Sri Lal Krishna Advani showed […]

Mamata Banerjee’s Big “Moral Defeat” in West Bengal

With the Modi-led BJP getting a clear majority in the recent Gujarat Assembly election, the opposition political parties have left no-stones-unturned to call it a failure of BJP because the party fell short of its previous tally in Gujarat. Denying to acknowledge BJP’s victory even after facing anti-incumbency of 22 years, the opposition hailed Rahul […]

Was Adultery Allowed in Ancient India? Did Women Walk around topless and Was Sex a Public Affair back then?

Yesterday, I was watching the trailer of the serial “Porus” which is aired on the Sony Entertainment Television. I was surprised to see the makers showed Alexander in clothes instead of showing him naked. The Hellenistic era, which is the period between the death of Alexander and the emergence of the Roman Empire, exhibits various […]

Science Channel has Sealed the Mouths of Ram Haters with Facts. Ram Setu was real.

Know O readers, that between the years when Mankind’s first scriptures were chronicled and the western sea drank the glorious cities of Dwaraka, there was an age undreamed of when shining kingdoms lay spread across Bharata like blue mantle beneath the stars. Hither came Rama, the exiled prince of Ayodhya- a husband, a brother, a […]
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