Author: Sanbeer Singh Ranhotra

Shillong Riots: Protestors were given expensive alcohol, money to target Sikh community

Recently, Shillong has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The TV sets and newspapers had headlines that read ‘Shillong on the edge’, ‘Violence hits Shillong’, ‘Shillong on the boil’, etc. What started as a petty argument between the resident Sikhs of Punjabi Lane(Them Mawlong) and the indigenous Khasis was blown out of […]

Is The Logical Indian a media outlet from the AAP’s stable?

In what has perhaps come as a big blow to The Logical Indian’s claims of being ‘independent’, ‘centrist’ and ‘apolitical’, Facebook recently rolled out a feature specifically for pages wherein a section named ‘Info and Ads‘ has been added. This section enables users to gather information about the active ads run by a page, and […]

Who’s the victim? Barkha Dutt’s ‘threat’ claims versus Anand Narasimhan being threatened on live TV

As the tone for the 2019 General elections is being set, a bunch of journalists have realised that they must use their limited influence on society to prevent Narendra Modi from assuming office once again. It does not appear to be a coincidence that the all weather Congress and left leaning journalists come out and […]

Ravish’s latest theatrics, and his ilk’s hypocrisy

It’s that time of the year when a bunch of self-entitled Indian journalists appear out of their cocoons and cry about being journalists in a country called India. Leading the charge once again is Ravish Kumar, a journalist working for a media outlet facing charges of tax evasion. It so happened that Ravish Kumar was […]

A young Sikh’s take on the Punjab government omitting Sikh history from textbooks.

The heartthrob of many (including some BJP supporters) Captain Amarinder Singh, and his Congress Party have pulled a stunt regarding the history textbooks of Punjab. Acclaimed by many as among the ‘few good men’ remaining in the Congress, the Captain has put all such rumors to rest and proven that the Congress Party is full […]

Kejriwal’s dharna politics does not befit the BJP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a ‘fast’ against the opposition after an abysmal budget session. The budget session 2018 turned out to be one of the least productive in a decade. The Lok Sabha witnessed a lousy nineteen minutes of business transacted, while the Rajya Sabha that of two and a half hours. The […]

Collective meltdown of eminent journalists exposes their hypocrisy on fake news

The liberal media industry was in a state of roistering following the arrest of Postcard founder Mahesh Hegde for allegedly spreading fake news through his portal. Their celebrations were dampened on Monday when the I&B Ministry came out with a press release on fake news. The order was later revoked after the intervention of the […]

Pakistan Day celebrations: Govt. has some tough questions to answer

On Shaheed Diwas, Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and the Government of India perhaps thought it would be expedient to take part in Pakistan Day celebrations, both in Islamabad as well as Pakistani Embassy in New Delhi. An inexcusable blunder has been committed even as the rogue nation called Pakistan indulges in ceasefire violations and continues with […]

Delhi Fateh Diwas: The day Khalsa forces captured the Red Fort from the Mughals

The Delhi Fateh Diwas was a non-existential event until in 2014, the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee(DSGMC) demanded from the Central Government that the days of March 21st and 22nd every year be commemorated as ‘Delhi Fateh Diwas’. This was done to mark the capture of the Red Fort by Khalsa forces in March 1783. […]

Congress has lost Meghalaya, Despite being the early birds

As we had predicted in the month of December last year, Meghalaya has witnessed the most fractured mandate ever since its inception. The results are as follows: INC-21 NPP-19 UDP-6 PDF-4 BJP-2 Others-7 While the Congress is the single largest party, the prospects of the NPP+ forming the government are high. The NPP+ has much […]

BJP stands to gain a Lot from early elections but also stands to lose some

The Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election results were declared on 18th December 2017. In about two months of that day, the elections to the Legislative Assemblies of Meghalaya, Tripura and Nagaland are scheduled to be conducted. After the elections to these states, the Karnataka polls will be conducted. India remains in perpetual election mode. And […]

A Response to Swara Bhaskar’s Unfair attack on Bhansali, This time by a Man

I read Avina Kohli’s brilliant response to you here on itself and I was tempted to write one myself (from a male point of view). Swara Bhaskar ji, it is truly and totally dedicated to you, and should be considered a man’s response to your 2400-words ranticle (rant+article) in The Wire, where you touched […]
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