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PM Modi’s speech made the opposition realize no-confidence motion was a bad idea

It seems the no-confidence motion brought by the opposition against prime minister Modi has badly backfired. Speaking about the no-confidence motion, prime minister Modi literally ripped apart the opposition and especially, the Congress. His speech was comprehensive in the sense that the prime minister spoke on almost all burning issues and wild allegations made by […]

Nirmala Sitharaman counters Rahul Gandhi’s baseless allegations on Rafale deal

Congress President Rahul Gandhi today got a chance to make his ‘sensational’ speech which was supposed to ‘shut up the BJP leaders’. Like all other speeches made by Rahul Gandhi, this speech too bombed drastically. There was an astonishing number of gaffess both verbal and factual in his 30 minutes long speech. The Congress President […]

TDP’s insecurity is giving the BJP a chance to flog the opposition

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader Chandrababu Naidu by bringing up the no-confidence motion against the Bharatiya Janata Party led central government has scored a self-goal. The TDP leader was hopeful of his motion gaining support from the opposition as he falsely sensed an indication of anti-incumbency against the central leadership. He was quite vocal about […]

The 4 big lies that Rahul Gandhi told today in the house

Congress President Rahul Gandhi today with his speech converted Lok Sabha into an ‘entertainment sabha’. In his speech he had earlier claimed that if he was allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha, it might cause an earthquake. Now, after one and a half year he got the opportunity to take on the government during […]

BJD’s walkout shows tacit support to NDA and rejection of United Opposition

The over hyped no confidence motion is happening today on the house floor. Telugu Desam party and Congress joined hands to bring about this motion which was bound to fail from the very start. It became apparent when within minutes of the planned debate, Biju Janata Dal (BJD) leaders staged a walkout from the house. […]

Shatrughan Sinha to vote against no-confidence motion

BJP member of parliament, Shatrughan Sinha has cleared his stand on the issue of no-confidence motion. He has made it clear that he will vote against the no-confidence motion. The two-time member of parliament has also made it clear that he has no intention of quitting the BJP. The desperate no-confidence motion has been moved […]

CBI lists P Chidambaram as an accused in Aircel-Maxis case

P Chidambaram, who is already in trouble on account of several irregularities during his tenure as the finance minister under the UPA government, seems to be in the midst of yet another controversy. The CBI has filed a supplementary charge-sheet before the Patiala House Court listing P. Chidambaram as an accused in the Aircel-Maxis case. […]

Israel declares itself a nation-state of Jewish people

Israel has passed a law anchoring itself a nation-state of Jewish people. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel who has been pushing the law since a long time has called it “historic movement in the history of Zionism and the history of the state of Israel.” The government says the bill, passed in the […]

As per experts, social security under PM Modi stands out

The Modi government has an exemplary record in social security. Since May 2014 this government has tried to push the country towards a welfare state. The very first step of financial inclusion achieved considerable success. Millions of people in the country were living without a bank account and were excluded from the banking system of […]

Despicable! Misrepresentation of facts by media on FRDI bill leads to the government dropping it altogether

The trial by media have led much harm to public benefits of the country. It has also led to breach in individual freedom and character assassination to life of many people such as in the Aarushi Murder Case. The sensational presentation on television to get more eyeballs and oversimplified headlines, sometimes direct allegation with question […]

High speed railway line between Nagpur and Mumbai will reduce the travel time to five hours

Maharashtra is one of the few states which have a very poor record on infrastructure front despite being rich. The reason behind this is the ignorance of infrastructure by the previous governments. The incumbent government in the state as well as in centre keeps infrastructure on the top priority in the list. It has brought […]

Meghalayan age: Scientists have classified an entirely-new phase of geological history

International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) have classified the era which we live in today as the Meghalayan Age. The scientists decided to name it Meghalayan as a stalagmite from a cave in the Indian state of Meghalaya helped them define the sequence of climatic events which began 4,200 years ago. Stalagmites are a type […]
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