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Supreme Court Judges Vs CJI – What’s it all about?

Why am I not surprised at the ongoing Judicial Rebellion? Maybe I was expecting it for the last two months. Or, maybe I was waiting for this to happen since Sep’16, when Justice Chelameswar used existing procedures to force the procedure of judiciary selections to change – for better. When proprieties are thrown out in […]

Supreme Court is now Evaluating Kendriya Vidyalaya Prayers

So, now Supreme Court wants to know why students of other religions are being forced to sing ‘Hindu Prayers’ (that even include some “Sanskrit” words) in Kendriya Vidyalayas. Apparently, this hurts feelings of minorities and strangely – children of atheists, who would never dare to raise such demand in front of school administrations run by […]

Andhra Government’s Notification Regarding New Year Celebration has started an important debate

“Hindu Dharma Parirakshana Trust” is not an extended arm of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Nor it has anything to do with RSS or BJP. But, it was part of Endowments Department  of Government of Andhra Pradesh. Its existence came to the notice of general public when its secretary Dr Ch. Vijaya Raghavacharyulu sent a notification to […]

2G Scam Verdict: Time to Reconsider Our Slogan “Satyameva Jayate”

So, Justice prevailed finally. “நீதி வென்றுள்ளது”, Kanimozhi declared emphatically. The ancient ethos of Bharat Varsha were upheld by correctly interpreting the laws by the learned Judges with ample support from the CBI that has tried to prove the innocence of the accused. And, like that all the 2G Scam accused are innocent. Vinod Rai is […]

A Brief History of Congress President Rahul Gandhi

From his failed trials to induce democracy into one of the most nepotistic parties to becoming its president, Rahul Gandhi has seen many elections mandatorily followed by rejuvenating holidays. The rising stardom of Jyotiraditya Scindia, Sachin Pilot is the testimony of how he failed to change the course of the party’s plunge into new political […]

Understanding why Congress Suspended Mani Shankar Aiyar. Modi cannot be the reason

When PM Modi criticised Congress for trying to undermine the role of Ambedkaar, Mani Shankar Aiyar responded with “Mujhko lagta hai ki ye aadmi bahut neech kisam ka aadmi hai, isme koi sabhyata nahi hai, or aise mauke par is kisam ki gandi rajniti karne ki kya avashyakta hai?” Mujhko lagta hai ki ye aadmi […]

Moin Turns Maulana, Dawood turns Blue

Behind the success of every superstar, there is a beautiful script. Ancient Indian Scriptures are riddled with short stories to boost morality of the of the enthusiastic reader. If we consider movies as the modern equivalent of scriptures, I have an interesting short story t narrate. Rajnikanth in one of his films, says: “When I […]

Rahul Gandhi’s Elevation as The Congress President does look like his First Big Victory, but it is his Loss

Flowing water is always fresh and potable. Stagnation transforms the water into a stale, muddy mix and turns it into the germination ground of harmful bacteria. The same is true for organisations, especially the political ones. Continuous transformation is one thing that reduces the risk of internal politics in a political party. The Grand Old […]

India’s Diplomatic Assault in The Hague left UK very Broken

‘Karvate badalte rahe – Saari Raat hum’; in his grave Churchill might be humming this Hindi song and while rolling uncomfortably. Had he lived to see this day, he would have scurried to his coffin and bolted it from inside. After all contrary to his predictions, here is an Indian government that could ‘push’ Britain […]

PM Modi Extends His Hands Towards Stalin and Karunanidhi?

How many Hindus can boast of receiving priests from Tirumala temple loaded with the famous ‘Tirupati Laddus’? How many Hindus can boast of hearing them chant Vedic hymns right before them and showering their blessings all along? Well, one “Atheist” could say he had the unique opportunity of performing the aforementioned feat. Karunanidhi, the lifelong […]

Are you a Patel? Have You Decided to vote for Congress? All the Best but Do Read this Article Once

It is a foregone conclusion that BJP would win Gujarat – again. Only interesting point left out is to watch whether BJP will win 150+ seats, a self-target set by Amit Shah or not.  Why BJP will win? 1. Average Gujarati considers vote for BJP, a vote for Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India […]

Two Naive Villagers from Coastal Tamil Nadu Explain Demonetisation Better than any Economist

So, Congress and other Opposition parties are observing Black Day all over India, except in Tamil Nadu (DMK withdrew citing Rains) to protest against Demonetisation. On the other hand, the Government is observing “Anti Black Money Day” today. Should we mourn the demise of old currency notes that caused immense problems to us or celebrate […]
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