Author: Renuka Dhar

On The myth of ‘Educated Terrorists’ and other media lies.

On May 6, the security forces notched up a big success in their crusade against terror in Kashmir. They managed to exterminate not one but five terrorists in an encounter in Shopian. No sooner had the news of this highly successful operation started trickling in, the usual spate of ‘sympathy-generating’ articles began to be churned […]

Kathua case: How Salma (name changed) was used to peddle an anti-Hindu narrative.

The infuriated uproar over the Kathua case shows no signs of abating and rightly so, no amount of condemnation can be enough for this horrible crime. The laws in our country certainly need to be more stringent when it comes to crimes like rape. Salma (Name Changed) was a child belonging to the Bakerwals– a […]

CBSE Paper leaked: Is there a well-planned political conspiracy behind it?

The current controversy over the leaked CBSE paper seems to be growing by the minute. As news channels rake in their ‘Breaking News’ and sound bytes, we all need to remember that this is hardly the first exam that the papers have been leaked. Our examination system is heavily outdated and reliant on a compromised […]

JNU – The University that became a Warzone

The students of Jawaharlal Nehru University take pride in being different, they believe their approach to learning is ‘unique’ and what they practice is ‘vibrant political activism’. So far so good, the problem begins when they extend this brand of ‘activism’ to devise a mode of protest that is now becoming the norm in the […]

2G Verdict, DMK’s Mad Celebrations and the Hero-Worship of Thieves

Recently when the 2G verdict was to be pronounced, the two main Accused walked into the courtroom confidently and with a smile on their faces. There were no signs of trepidation or apprehension, almost as if they knew the verdict beforehand. The entry was made neta-style with smiles, imperious waves to the crowd and confident […]

It’s fine if we are fine with it but to Expect Players of Sri Lanka to Breathe in Toxic Delhi Air Calmly was Silly on our Part

The recent Sri Lanka-India cricket match played at Feroze Shah Kotla grounds in Delhi, highlighted a problem that the Govt of Delhi has preferred to shove under the carpet. The match made it to global headlines not because of any swashbuckling cricketing skills but the unusual sight of Sri Lankan cricketers wearing masks while fielding. […]

Relentless Assault of India’s Security Forces, 200+ Terrorists Killed

This has been an important year for the security forces operating in Kashmir, the number of terrorists killed in counter-insurgency operations has crossed 200 and still counting. For the first time since 2010, the security forces have managed to notch up such figures. As DGP Srinagar, Shesh Pal Vaid tweeted on Nov 30, a day […]

How Media ignored an Elderly Kashmir Pandit Couple’s Statements and Turned a Communal Attack into Land Dispute

In 1990 lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits were threatened and forced to leave their homes and never allowed to go back. Even before that, life was never easy for the Minorities in the Valley. Hindu festivals were muted affairs, celebrated so as not to offend the ‘sensibilities’ of the majority Community! Diwali was never the bright, […]

Can a Political Bloc Use Hallucinations of Oppressed Women to Revive their dying reputation? This Could be One.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a […]

Disturbing: What Some Professors Preach to Young Citizens of India behind Closed Doors of their Classrooms

Recently, on the 22nd of September to be precise, there was an uproar on Social Media, especially Twitter. An Assistant Professor from Dayal Singh College(Delhi University) had written an offensive FB post abusing Goddess Durga. According to newspaper reports, he posted this status at 07:43 pm on Friday and despite the ensuing outrage, did not […]

A Kashmiri Pandit Tears into People Defending Rohingyas, Can Any ‘Humanitarian’ Answer Her Questions?

Now that Aung San Suu Kyi has said that her government is ready to take back the Rohingyas who fled the country, can all the members of the ‘Rohingya Fan Club’ wipe their collective crocodile tears and gracefully bid them farewell? Unless, of course, it has been decided that they must stay on to swell […]

The Daring New Expose by Republic TV has Exposed This Cleverly Concealed Barbarity

A few days ago, Republic TV telecast a Sting conducted by their reporters on four ex-terrorists who confessed that they had killed Kashmiri Pandits during the peak militancy period in 1989-90. Out of the three reporters who were part of this daring team, two happen to be Kashmiri Pandits with families and dear ones who […]
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