Author: Ramesh Venkatraman

They Called it a Hindutva Hyperbole. Laughed at it. Now this Malice has assumed Gigantic Proportions

The acting Chairperson of the National commission for Women (NCW), Rekha Sharma called out Kerala CM Pinnarayi Vijayan and the Left government in no uncertain terms. (1) She equated his attitude towards the spate of forced conversions of Hindus to Islam in Kerala to that of an Ostrich with its head stuck in the sand […]

Tipu Sultan was a Compassionate Man. Don’t believe us? Read

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah in defending his decision to celebrate Tipu Jayanti, claimed that “Tipu Sultan was secular (1), he fought against British in three wars, in a sense our freedom struggle began with Mysore wars- between English and Tipu. He (Tipu) being called a fanatic or claims that he converted Hindus is baseless. He didn’t […]

So Finally! Mamata Admits to Muslim Appeasement for the first time

Mamata Banerjee rarely speaks, but when she does she makes sure that she addresses the concerns of her core constituency and keeps them happy and more importantly voting for her. In an admission that was as brazen in its content as it was in its arrogance, she reportedly (1) said that “since 30 per cent […]

Government’s new Plan to End the Doctor-Pharmaceutical Companies Nexus is Juvenile. It is going to be a Colossal Disaster.

A recent report in Reuters (1) reported that the Modi government plans to crackdown on the practice of pharmaceutical companies “bribing” Doctors in order to influence prescribing and buying behaviour. This is neither the first attempt nor will it be the last and in my considered opinion of having been associated with the pharmaceutical and […]

Does the Hindu hate the Muslim? No, However…

Does the Hindu hate the Muslim? It’s a nice question to pose and Google would actually tell you that this is a question quite a few people are asking – in fact a whopping 48,50,000 queries according to Google. So, what is the truth? Do Hindus hate Muslims? I for one don’t and I am […]

Wonder why Shastri is so against having Zaheer and Dravid in the Squad? It’s too much for him to take

I remember a conversation with a friend soon after the ugly and very public spat between Sourav Ganguly and Ravi Shastri when the latter was overlooked and Anil Kumble was appointed as Coach of the Indian Cricket Team. My friend commented that Dada’s “Dadagiri” had clearly got the better of Ravi Shastri. I told him […]

I Googled for about an Hour to determine if Hindu Community is actually Tolerant, The Results tell everything

The targeted rioting, arson, and violence against the Hindu community by Muslim mobs (1) in Basirhat and Baduria located in the North 24 Paraganas district of West Bengal was not a one-off like some Muslim leaders and a few apologists are making it out to be. There is a pattern to the violence perpetrated by […]

This Is a Fight Between An Emerging Bharat And An Older India

In the deluge of reportage on the supposedly “random” Facebook post #Notinmyname that went viral and was followed by mobilized protests across 15 cities in India, not one thought it was important to question the elitism and bigotry in the very idiom chosen to represent this protest. What were the few thousand elites who protested […]

If you are a Journalist who loves to report truth, Make sure you are not in Karnataka

The privileges committee of the Karnataka State assembly passed an order sentencing two Kannada-tabloid journalists/editors – Ravi Belagere of “Hi Bangalore” and Anil Raju of “Yelahanka Voice” to one-year imprisonment and a fine of ₹ 10,000/- each for publishing “defamatory articles”. The decision was announced by speaker K.B. Koliwad. The former Speaker of the state […]

This Man may be the Opposition’s Presidential Candidate

With the election commission announcing the dates for the Presidential polls that will elect the new President to succeed outgoing President Pranab Mukherjee, hectic parleys have been going on within the opposing camps. This time the NDA led by the BJP is up against the combined might of the entire opposition (bar a few parties […]

[Revealed]: Mahatma Gandhi’s views on Cows, Cow Vigilantism and Cow-Slaughter

This is in response to an article published in the titled “What Mahatma Gandhi Said to Those Who Wanted Beef Banned in India” This article, an excerpt from Gandhi’s prayer discourse of July 25, 1947 summarizes the Mahatma’s response to Rajendra Babu (Dr. Rajendra Prasad) who had presented to Gandhi close to one lakh […]

This man tried every trick in the book to defame Hinduism, and then Karma kicked him in the face

Reza Aslan got his well-deserved though much delayed kick on the rear for his abusive tweet-rant against US President Donald Trump. Not only did he get the boot from CNN, they also pulled the plug on his bigoted and racist program “Believer” The tweet (now deleted) that pulled the rug from under Aslan’s feet reads […]
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