Author: Nitesh Kumar Harne

Meet the Urban Naxals who hijacked the Pune event meant for Dalits

On the 1st of January, A special event called “Shaurya Divas” was organized in Pune, to commemorate the 200-year-old victory (although highly debated) of Dalits over Peshwas. The event was used as a launchpad for violence and vandalism and it soon transformed into a Dalits Vs Brahmins struggle that engulfed the entire state of Maharashtra. […]

One of these 5 will be the Next Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh

BJP swept Himachal Pradesh, snatching it from Congress, thereby forming government in their 19th state. With 44 seats, it has won almost a two-thirds majority in the 68-member Himachal assembly. Himachal Pradesh lived up to its reputation of changing the ruler every election, as the BJP comfortably trounced Congress in the Hill State. The Congress won 21 […]

Kapil Sibal’s statement about Ram Mandir was the very moment Congress lost Gujarat

Gujarat election wasn’t just interesting, but extremely important as well in many ways for both the BJP and the Congress. That is why both the parties invested every bit of their strength in this election. Gujarat elections have never been so interesting in the last 25 years or so nor has the media taken it […]

Rahul Gandhi is going to win Congress President Post, Unopposed

Rahul Gandhi became a part of active politics in 2004 but he always considered this country as well as his Party his personal fiefdom, as a direct result of which he never took politics seriously. A Safe Parliament Seat ensured that he never had to toil hard to win an election hence he never took […]

PM Modi Demolished Kejriwal without even speaking a word against him, now it’s Shatrughan Sinha’s Turn

Prime Minister Modi is the smartest player of the game of politics out there. While his BJP Predecessor Atal Bihar Vajpayee was the master of pauses, PM Modi is the king of extempore, but he does know when to speak, “how much” to speak, what to speak and when to maintain a stoic silence. PM […]

Government can stop cheque book transactions in order to increase digital transactions

8th November 2016 will go down as a watershed moment in the history of India as a major economic reform was put into action that day. On that day, Prime Minister Modi took the world by surprise when he announced the demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupees Currency Notes in his bid to crack down […]

PM Modi gave him 30 Months, Nitin Gadkari Completed Delhi-Meerut Expressway in Just 14 Months

The Way Narendra Modi is winning one election after another is surreal, but one cannot deny the role of his right-hand-man, chief strategist and BJP’s national president Amit Shah. However, one of the most important factors which mostly remains buried in the background is the impressive performance of PM Modi’s ministers who have been relentlessly […]

The Biggest Reason Why Prem Kumar Dhumal Won the Chief Ministerial Nomination

In a surprise move, BJP on Tuesday announced Prem Kumar Dhumal as the its chief ministerial candidate in Himachal Pradesh. Addressing a rally in Rajgarh in Solan District, party President Amit Shah announced that the BJP campaign will be led by two-time Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal. Shah said Dhumal will be the next Chief […]