Author: Mayura Rao

Sushma Vs Right leaning twitterati, a war Hindus are destined to lose

The External Affairs Ministry responsible for conducting itself in India’s foreign relations, off late seems to be caught up with strife in its internal matters causing dismay amongst its staunch supporters. The hurried transfer of a passport official Mr.Vikas Mishra based on unsubstantiated allegations and the evident bending over the back political accommodation surpassing lawful […]

Changing realities: Case for Sino-Indian friendship.

Ever since the Sino-Indian war of 1962 much has been written and speculated about the Dragon’s unpredictability and how India has to be wary of an expansionist and ambitious neighbor. Without forgetting the premature political predicament of 1962 and without underplaying today’s reality of a growing Chinese dominance in the international geo-politics, their brazen challenges […]

Arunachal Pradesh declares death penalty for rape of girls under 12

After Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Haryana, now Arunachal Pradesh under Chief Minister Pema Khandu has become the 4th state to legislate a death penalty for rape convicts of girl children below 12 years. The decision comes after recent incidents where people resorted to mob justice by dragging and lynching two rapists of a 5 year old […]

Kejriwal’s apology to Majithia, too little too late

Arvind Kejriwal, the byproduct of opportunistic politics who encashed on people’s sentiments and built his political shop by the shooting and scooting of allegations on all and sundry, is today writing apology letters and even asking his party members to do the same to escape the wrath of the courts. Arvind has now sent a […]

The Mystery behind Veerappa Moily’s deleted tweet

As the Karnataka assembly elections approach, Siddaramaiah’s Congress which has still not recovered from the Nalapad saga, is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. Veerappa Moily, an ex chief minister and a veteran Congress Party leader who is currently the chairman of the party’s manifesto committee, tweeted: “INC needs to solve […]

Nalapad Bail Case: Out of bounds for the Media

Vidvath a 24years old youth who was dining with his friend was brutally assaulted by Mohammed Harris Nalapad, a Congress MLA’s son recently in a restaurant in Bengaluru’s UB city. Apparently Nalapad and his gang objected to the way Vidvath was sitting with his fractured leg. An altercation broke out after Vidvat expressed his inability […]

Cauvery verdict: Reason why Siddaramaiah couldn’t claim it as his victory

The SC’s intervention and its verdict increasing Karnataka’s share of Cauvery water by 14tmcft is less of anybody’s political thump card and more about the glaring reality of depleting and deteriorating waterbodies across Karnataka and Bengaluru in particular. If rampant swallowing of lake bodies and unrestrained sanctions for ill-conceived constructions have reduced the green covers […]

Edward Snowden’s sudden Fascination with Aadhar – Explained

Edward Snowden who startled the world with his NSA classified leaks, currently living under the Russian asylum is the latest member to join the bandwagon of Aadhar critics. Edward Snowden in his recent tweets expressed that Aadhar is being abused by banks, telecom and transport companies not to police entitlements but as proxy for identity […]

After 7 Decades of Indifference Congress was forced to Bow down to the Hindus

When undivided India was partitioned on the basis of religion, the blood sport of partition had turned the Punjab province crimson that was to spread like wild fire. Train loads of butchered and battered Hindu and Sikh corpses were packed off as an Independence gift from Pakistan to Nehru and Patel. With tens of lakhs […]

If you think that the British have fallen, and they don’t wield any power in India now, you are mistaken

It is true that the miseries inflicted by the Muslim invaders who conquered and brutalized India cannot be condoned off without acknowledgment in history but under whose guidance was our history written, was it the Moghuls themselves or was it the British in connivance with the Moghul sympathizing anti-Hindu scholars who glorified the gory acts […]

The Way Hindu Activists in Karnataka are being killed is Deeply Upsetting

Paresh Meshta, a Hindu youth who participated in the demonstrations against the killing of RSS workers had gone missing along with another person following the outbreak of a communal clash in the Sirsi town but two days later his body was found floating in a lake, barbarically killed in the Honnavar region of Karnataka on […]

[Book Review]: Chip in the Madrasa by Vivek Sinha

The phrase ‘communal tension’ is perceived as a tautness between Hindu and the Muslim in today’s polity of polarization. This association, by default, means the word communal is often painted with the ‘Hindu-Muslim color’. Though the word ‘communal’ denotes collective commonality of the lives of groups of people, it has somehow become synonymous with establishing […]
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