Author: Marmik Shah

Times of India has made it a habit to malign Hindus and the time has come to do something about it

It is an accepted science today that pictorial images have a much greater impact on the brain than syllables or alphabets. Academic institutions across the globe use this technique to bolster the understanding of their students either by way of images in their text books or by way of Audio Visuals. This is done to […]

The Monday evening that changed my life forever

The atmosphere in Mumbai right before the rain is typically very sultry and extremely hot. Be it at 10 AM in the morning or 7.30 P.M. in the evening, one is bound to be drenched in sweat if he/she uses the public transport. It was a normal sweaty Monday evening for me too until I […]

Dear Leftist Cabal, you desperately need better icons than Prakash Raj!

Distinguishing between Hindu and Hindutva, manufacturing of literature and creating an aura of intolerance, using terms like majoritarian autocracy and regressive mind-set of the native populace, have been the key to make Indians submissive and conceding towards anyone and everyone who has dreamt of ruling over India and Indians. Be it the British before independence […]

Mannan Wani – The Scholar who Became a Terrorist

One need not be uneducated to turn towards extremism and choose the path of terrorism. Be it Osama Bin Laden, Afzal Guru or the latest entrant Mannan Wani. The people mentioned above are only a handful of the many who have chosen to become terrorists rather than lead a life of peace and co-existence with […]

Darul Uloom and their Weird Fatwas

“I can’t marry you, because you work in a Bank”. Imagine being rejected by a boy/girl for the reason stated above. This is not a part of a script taken out from a senseless comedy film, but a real life diktat by a senile Islamic body. The strong use of words has been rationalised and […]

BJP Looks all set to win these 2 Crucial States in the North East

“Today, we celebrate a significant milestone in the history of Mizoram with the completion and dedication of the 60-MW Tuirial hydropower project – PM Modi during his speech at the inauguration of the Tuirial hydropower project in Aizawl. Even before India came to terms with the election results of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, Modi and […]

ALL LIES DEMOLISHED: How NYT Columnist Asgar Qadri Used Fashion as a Weapon to attack Modi and India

New-York Times (NYT) is one of those organisations like the BBC, CNN and others which has time and again published articles mocking India. For them India is still a country of snake charmers and overflowing gutters. In what was a blatant display of their bile for India, the (NYT) published an article recently in the […]

What is it like to be a Transgender in India?

The Indian bureaucratic system is such that every time someone fills up a form, they have to tick between the two options given, Male/Female. But in addition to the above two, there is a silent community which continues to be sidelined for not belonging to the genders socially acceptable to the Indian society. It is […]

FIFA President Applauded PM Modi for his role in Successful hosting of U-17 World Cup

“I would like to congratulate your government on its role in your country’s successful hosting of the FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017 and express my gratitude towards the Local Organising Committee, to your government. and to all those who worked so hard to organise this competition in the host cities of New Delhi, Navi […]

How to Cheat Your People, Embolden Traitors and Plot the Downfall of Your Country – Lessons by P Chidambaram

Former Home Minster and Finance Minister and Congress loyalist, Shri Palaniappan Chidambaram (PC) who has for quite some time been in the news for all the wrong reasons (from getting his house raided by the CBI in the INX Media kickbacks matter[1] and other cases invoving his son Karti), recently stroked another controversy when he […]

Deliberately Blacked Out in the Media – BJP has demolished Strongest Regional Players in a recently Conducted Election

Continuing its golden streak in the Maratha stronghold of Shiv Sena and NCP after winning more than 50% of the 2974[1] posts for which the elections were held on Sunday, BJP has once again asserted its position as the strongest player in Indian politics even at the grass-root level. Breaking the perceived misconception and the […]

Shiv Sena Has Been an Unhappy Ally. But Now on It Will Be a Good, Happy Ally. BJP Has Ensured That.

Shiv Sena has been an old but a grumpy ally of the BJP. Uddhav Thackeray had once mentioned that the Shiv Sena ministers in the state government carry resignation letters in their pockets. It was yet another empty threat by the Shiv Sena which started in the run up to the Maharashra Assembly Elections where […]
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