Author: Manoranjan Chaudhary

The Illiteracy Displayed by Rahul Gandhi in his interview with Nicolas Berggruen will Turn Your Stomach

Ramachandra Guha in his book Patriots & Partisans writes, “Had Shastri been given another five years, there would have been no Nehru–Gandhi dynasty. Sanjay Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi would almost certainly still be alive and in private life. The former would be a (failed) entrepreneur, the latter a recently retired airline pilot with a passion […]

What do Gurgaon, Noida and Navi Mumbai have in common apart from Tall Buildings? This Major Threat

The spontaneity at which temperature flows from high to low, immigrants flow from Bangladesh to India. They remain invisible for a long time while gradually increasing the entropy of the system. The moment they attain majority, they unleash the large scale chaos not limited to mass destruction and the displacement of native population. This pattern […]

Cow Slaughter must be banned, but the rule book is full of holes

  • By Manoranjan Chaudhary
  • March 21, 2017
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Uttar Pradesh was one of the earliest states in India to ban cow slaughter. The Uttar Pradesh Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act was enacted way back in 1955. This Act prohibits and prevents the slaughter of cow and its progeny (Bull, bullock, calf etc) in Uttar Pradesh. The act says, “No person shall slaughter or […]

People of Punjab have sent AAP a special message

  • By Manoranjan Chaudhary
  • March 11, 2017
Out of 434 seats on which Aam Aadmi Party had contested in 2014 general election, they won only 4. As all of these came from Punjab, political observers started betting for the victory of AAP in the state elections. Taking the cue from this exaggerated extrapolations, Arvind Kejriwal pumped all of his and his party’s […]

How Barkha Dutt turned gullible BHU students into pseudo-liberal activists?

  • By Manoranjan Chaudhary
  • March 4, 2017
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In the last year and a half, many college students were at the center stage of mainstream discussions in India: Rohith Vemula from the University of Hyderabad, Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid from JNU, Debjyoti Das from Jadavpur university, and Gurmehar Kaur from Delhi University to name a few. Never in India’s history […]

President pardons the Bara Massacre culprits, but there are too many unanswered questions

On 12th February 1992, an armed group of more than 500 Maoists (dominated by the lower caste and Dalits) brought 35 upper caste men from Bara village of Gaya district to a nearby canal, tied their hands and slit their throats. Those who tried to escape were gunned down. The postmortem of all the victims […]

Highway to Spirituality – PM Modi begins linking the 4 nerve points of Hindu Dharma

Himalayan Char Dham has been the center of spiritual awakening in India. In Badrinath, Nar-Narayan Shri Lord Vishnu had sat on meditation where Lakshmi, his consort, protected him from the adverse weather conditions. King Bhagirath meditated before a stone near Gomukh to originate holy river Ganga which has been India’s lifeline for long. Near Gangotri, […]

How the government managed to score the winning runs on a bouncy pitch?

The last winter session of parliament was a complete washout. In their planned 22 sittings, the lower house utilized only 15 % while the upper house utilized 19 % of its allotted time. It was the least productive session of the parliament in last 15 years. The combined opposition hacked most of the allocated period […]

The Big Daddy of Indian Journalism is here

It was in July 2006, approximately ten and half years ago, when a new news channel covered the story of a boy, named prince, who had fallen and trapped inside a 60-foot deep borewell nonstop. The urgency of the situation looked genuine and honest throughout their 50 hours relentless coverage. It struck the chord with […]

Demonetization: Now is the time to buy your House

“Roti, Kapda aur Makaan” used to be the bare necessities for a family in India. People who could manage all of three were considered as well to do. In modern times the necessities have expanded manifolds and people are working round the clock to fulfill them. However, the third of the three basic necessities has […]

Why did the Government punish Reliance?

In an unprecedented and the boldest move of its kind, the Government of India imposed $ 1.55 billion penalty on Reliance and its partners, BP and Niko, for producing natural gas through its KG D-6 block which \ originally “belonged” to ONGC. A notice was issued by the Oil Ministry in consultation with Director General […]

Modi’s plan to dehydrate Pakistan is remarkable

In the last couple of weeks, Modi has sent very confusing signals about the Pakistan. On one hand, Modi has challenged Pakistan to fight poverty together and has asked citizens to study more in response to Pakistan’s terror attack in Uri while on the other hand, his team has relentlessly hammered Pakistan at UNGA. Undoubtedly, […]
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