Author: Kapil Routray

Battle of Koregaon: Lies, Myths, and Breaking India

<< I was asked to format a series of Tweets by the person behind the Twitter Handle @Asipatravana so that more Readers can be aware of how Historical events have been twisted by both Foreign as well as Indian Liberal interests in order to weaken the fabric of Hindu society. In addition to @Asipatravana’s public […]

Feminists aren’t against Men, They are against Civilization itself

A few days ago, a young girl in Iran climbed atop a small barricade, took off her hijab, and waved a white flag to protest Islamism. By doing so, she courted not only prison- but also public humiliation, rape and torture by the fanatical supporters of the Theocratic Islamic Republic of Iran. A social commenter, […]

Yemeni War is the Single Bloodiest war in over 30 Years

Two days ago, the Saudi Prince Bader spent an unprecedented $450 million at New York on a Leonardo da Vinci painting. Over the past two years, his government- the Islamist tyranny of Saudi Arabia- has rendered over two million Yemenis homeless by carpet-bombing entire cities, and driven almost nineteen million people into starvation and want […]

Madhavrao Peshwa – One of the Most Towering Yet least Celebrated Heroes of Bharatavarsha

“And the plains of Panipat were not more fatal to the Maratha Empire than the early end of this excellent Prince…” So was written about one of the most towering figures of Indian history- someone whose career both as a diplomat and general has only been rarely equalled by anyone across the World, someone who […]

Indonesia says No to China’s Bullying, ASEAN Gets United, and India gets Ready to take on the Chinese

Seven hundred years ago, the Prime Minister of the Mahajapit kingdom of Java- a man known to us simply as Gajah Mada (‘Elephant General’) – swore: – “Until the islands of Indonesia have been united, I will not eat neither fruits nor spices. Until the states of Gurun, Seram, Tanjungpura, Haru, Pahang, Dompo, Bali, Sunda, […]

Wonder why the History of Odisha is never taught in Schools? Because The Truth is too much to handle for the Liberal Intelligentsia

Over a thousand years ago, a young Prince of the Keshari dynasty got separated from his companions while hunting along the banks of the river Mahanadi. Lost, he wandered for hours- finally crossing the river itself and appearing upon a small marshy island. There- the legends go- he saw a pigeon killing an eagle in […]

Once upon a time, the protection of Cows was the mark of Arya civilization

On 27th May, 2017, a group of Congress workers led by a certain Rijil Makkutty, known for the multiple criminal cases against him, gathered in Kannur, Kerala. There they cruelly and mercilessly cut the neck of a cow. Not merely content with butchering the suffering cow, they killed her in the cruellest way possible- slowly […]

Bahubali didn’t apologize for being what it believed in, and that made it truly epic

  • By Kapil Routray
  • April 29, 2017
The average Indian neither knows nor cares much about his past- and the media he or she consumes is proof enough of it. The texts the youth of India read run smoothly from the mythical ‘invasions’ of the Aryans to the ‘reforms’ of the Shakyamuni and Jina to Ashoka to the Turkish invasion and Mughal […]

The ‘other’ Bangladesh: Tales of brutality, shame and torture of native inhabitants

Few days back, the Islamist group Harakah al-Yakin announced the start of a new wave of terrorist attacks upon the people of Myanmar. The Harakah-al-Yakin or the ‘Faith movement’ is simply one of the dozens of Islamist organization based in the forested, mountainous border between Bangladesh and Myanmar, fighting for the ‘liberation’ of the Arakan […]

Unveiling the Unsaintly side of Saint Francis Xavier

Let me tell our dear readers a story. A story of a simple man named Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels. Dr Goebbels was a humble, studious, thoughtful man. A doctor of Philosophy, he was academically gifted and scholastically talented. A man of varied talents, he distinguished himself in the Arts, Literature, Oratory, History, and Theology. A […]

US attacks Syria for a crime they never did

Last heard, The United States launched a military strike Friday morning local time (Thursday evening ET) on a Syrian government airfield, in response to the chemical weapons attack on civilians earlier in the week The previous week, a Chemical weapons discharge near the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province left over a hundred people, […]

Military Courts are back in Pakistan, and they are meaner than ever

  • By Kapil Routray
  • April 6, 2017
  • 1 Comment
Last month, the farce that is the Pakistani Democracy belched out yet another sign of its complete impotence when Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain signed the Pakistan Army Act 2017 and the 28th Constitutional Amendment Bill, passed by the Pakistani Parliament earlier, extending the Military’s right to prosecute civilians for another two years. These Military Courts […]
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