Author: Himanshu Poswal

Proud moment for Gujarat: ‘Rani ki Vav’ to be printed on new Rs 100 note

If you have heard about the new Rs 100 ‘Lavender’ note by RBI, you must have noticed a monument on the reverse side. What is that?  What is this monument and what makes it feature on the currency? Find all your answers here: The Rs 100 note bear a motif of Rani ki Vav. It […]

China has been Secretly Selling Oil to North Korea

The nuclear ambitions of the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un are renowned worldwide and so are his unlawful means to achieve them. And China has been helping North Korea by clandestinely engaging in oil trade, in complete defiance of UN conventions! This illicit relationship between China and North Korea has pushed a demand for global […]

Testing of Animals for Biochemical Research Stopped!

In one of its recent moves, the Government of India has stopped the lab testing of animals for biochemical research. This move has been announced at a time when the first world countries are debating the ethics of animal testing. With countries like China and the USA talking promptly about the processes involved in the […]

India’s ISRO and Japan’s JAXA are Coming Together

ISRO has offered ample reasons for India and Indians to cheer even in the bad times. There was a period when nothing went right for the country, some news under the headings of ISRO served hope to the countrymen. If we are one of the nine to reach the moon and only the fourth on […]

Indians have finally found Saraswati, in Space

Indian domination in space is in need of no introduction. Over the span of time, the contributions made by Indians in the field of space and astronomy are remarkable! Recent developments in the respective fields have changed the way India and Indians are perceived around the world. In the latest news, Indian scientists have added […]

10 reasons why Ramnath Kovind won the President race

In a total unpredictable move, Modi-Shah duo has once again stunned the media houses and entire opposition with their latest move. While the media was busy developing their own theories about different names and there were articles ‘quoting’ the resources, NDA’s Presidential Candidate is nowhere close. Meanwhile, a tweet by @zanny_1985 has surfaced from 2016 […]

India has a lot to worry about the Afghanistan situation

The news of dropping a bomb at Afghanistan-Pakistan border left the world in a shock. In the latest news, the USA has dropped the largest conventional bomb on a cave complex of Islamic State in Afghanistan this Thursday. Believed to be a ‘Mother of All Bombs’, this heavy bomb had to be dropped at the […]

ISI’s new proxy war against India exposed

  • By Himanshu Poswal
  • February 11, 2017
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One of the major focuses of Modi regime has been Indian railway, its development and the use of technology in achieving same. Induction of Mr Suresh Prabhu in the cabinet and his working style speaks a volume for the clear intentions and priorities of the government. However, the back to back events of rail derailment […]

Pakistan is an Ape with a sword, Its ‘threat’ to Israel confirms that

The world is seeing a rapid transition when it comes to the development of nuclear weapons and possibility of a nuclear warfare. With Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu making it clear that Iraq is closer to the development of nuclear weapons today than a week ago or a month ago or a year ago. The stage […]

Why didn’t the US veto the UN’s “Anti-Israel” resolution?

The recent developments in the UN have stunned the world. Rejecting the resolution passed against Israel, the Middle Eastern country feels betrayed and backstabbed by their long term friend. Well, the United Nations Security Council rebuked Israel for the establishment of the settlements in the East Jerusalem and conquered Palestine along with the Western bank. […]

Venezuelan President Maduro tried emulating Modi, failed

The economy of any country is corrupted when the elements of the Black Money, Illicit Currency and Tax invasion makes space for itself in the parallel economy. This type of system is unaccounted, tough to monitor and creates a void in the entire core structure of the tax, budget and GDP for any nation. Declaring […]

Was Rajinikanth behind Jayalalithaa’s defeat in 1996?

Jayalalithaa suffered defeat in 1996 polls because of me, says Rajinikanth The cinema connection of the Dravidian politics in the state of Tamil Nadu is world renowned. Movie actors have left a long lasting impact on the government making or breaking activities for a long time now. Stars like MGR and Jayalalithaa have even served […]
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