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Jignesh Mevani and Congress and their Dangerous Games

Years ago, a tall inspiring young preacher with deep knowledge of scriptures took Punjab by shock. With his great oratory skills, he swayed thousands of people. Advocating the cause of Sikhs, he created a divide between the Hindus and Sikhs who had been living together since ages and had suffered the horrors of partition together. […]

Gingee Fort – How Shivaji Maharaj Captured it From Bijapur Sultanate and Turned it into an Impregnable Fortress

In the northwestern corner of the district of south Arcot in Tamil Nadu lies the Gingee Fort, the impregnable fort which has stood for centuries watching the numerous wars of successive dynasties, braving hordes of invaders from Islamic sultanates to the mighty French and of course the British Empire.  Three hills – Krishnagiri to the […]

One of these 5 will be the Next CM of Odisha

BJD has been ruling Odisha for 17 years now. Considering the brute majority the party has in the assembly since 2009 and the personality cult surrounding current CM Naveen Patnaik in the state, Odisha is considered the personal fiefdom of Patnaik by rest of the country, which to some extent is true too. Naveen Patnaik […]

“1962 WILL NOT be repeated” India’s bold message to China

“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.” – Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. India is one of those very few countries in the world which are surrounded by enemies on all sides. India also faces a unique problem of Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Kashmir. In the case of a war, India […]

We already know that Zakir Naik isn’t a nice guy, so why did Republic TV go all out against him?

Republic TV since its inception has redefined the mainstream discourse. The pro-left mainstream channels have been devastated and are frantically trying to criticize Arnab. This is all we know but what we don’t know is Republic TV is not like any other news channel their interests are well aligned with the interest of the country. […]

Major ISIS Attack averted in India, but we must hit them at their very foundation

One of the most dangerous ISIS terrorists has put India on the hit list but the problem for India runs much deeper than that. On 7th March a blast occurred in Bhopal-Ujjain train, and after that, a huge cache of weapons was recovered by UP Police after the encounter of Saifullah. The arrest of 9 ISIS […]

Major riots in Bhadrak Odisha, Mainstream Media hasn’t returned from Rajasthan

Bhadrak a district in the northern Odisha is burning since Ram Navami and as is usual with the mainstream Indian media, riots in which the majority community is targeted and is at the receiving end is not considered a riot and is never given a slot in the news. The riot started because of a […]

This man can become the best Defense Minister we ever had

With the exit of Shri Manohar Parrikar, the Ministry of Defence has been reassigned to Shri Arun Jaitley who also heads the Finance Ministry. The ministry of defense along with home, finance and external affairs constitute the core of the cabinet. Being highly important ministries, these demand dedicated and highly efficient leaders to lead them […]

No Gurmehar Kaur, Every student of India is not with you!

The story starts with the scuffle between left-wing student organizations (led by AISA) and ABVP over an event named ‘Culture of protest’ organized by English department and literary society of Ramjas College. At the outset I want to make it clear that the reason for protest by the ABVP was not the event but the […]

It’s Modi Modi in Odisha too

  • By Bismay Ray
  • February 15, 2017
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The recent trend of BJP gaining seats might sound surprising to many political pundits but it is not that surprising for people who monitor the political atmosphere of Odisha. The recent gain is not because of a single factor but a culmination of a large number of factors. On March 5 of this year, Naveen […]