Author: Bhushan Agrawal

PM Modi is abolishing an Old Appeasement Policy, Liberals and Opposition Can’t Do anything About it

Subsidies on the basis of religion have always been decried as unconstitutional, but it took more than 5 decades and a supreme court 2012 ruling for the Congress to realize this. Congress party under the leadership of Nehru-Gandhi family for decades made minority Muslim appeasement as a keystone of its fundamental philosophy around which policies […]

Kerala High Court Destroyed Love Jihad in an Iconic Judgement, Supreme Court Takes it to another level

So finally the courts and the investigation agencies agreed that the concept of “Love Jihad” exists and that this word is not a figment of imagination of a so called pervert mindsetted Hindu fundamentalist. This apprehension always existed, just that it could not be quantified for long due to the lack in will and determination […]

Move Over! The Apathy for Israel is Officially Obsolete

Relations between Jerusalem and New Delhi have not always been warm, though Israel has been a good friend of India, but New Delhi has always continued to shy from demonstrating its friendship. Now this is about to get changed with Modi at the helm of the affairs and therefore there will been a tectonic shift […]

Unsound and Idiotic Plan, Comprehensive Defeat: This is how an Ex-ISI officer presents the Pakistani side of the Kargil War

We are all aware of the Kargil war and how the Indian Bravehearts fought bravely to re-capture lost ground, mountains, and peaks sacrificing even their lives for the pride of our motherland. More than a decade and a half later let’s collaborate the facts and understand what exactly happened and how, with an perspective from […]

The exact reason why CBI raided Prannoy Roy

The CBI today early morning raided the Roys, Prannoy Roy and his wife Radhika Roy of the NDTV. As construed, many thought the raids are related to ongoing investigation by ED & IT officials for FEMA and money laundering violations, but this one turned out to be a new one at least in the public […]

Everyone who lives in India is a Hindu, Everything else is a lie

The word “Hindu” essentially originated from the word Sindhu, one of the most revered rivers for our civilization since centuries. Anyone who is born in this land of Sindhu is a Hindu (though ironically in today’s context the land close to Sindhu or Indus River has become Pakistan). It is a cultural and geographic identity […]

Now, Pakistan has no option, but to release Kulbhushan Jadhav unharmed

  • By Bhushan Agrawal
  • April 12, 2017
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Scene1: Somewhere near the Afghan-Baluchistan-Iran border gun and rocket launcher trotting mullahs make a catchy prize by kidnapping an Indian. Moments later they realize they have laid hands on a gold mine, because the Indian kidnapped is an ex-naval officer, next they strike a deal with the Pakistan based ISI and sell him for gold. […]

Everyone stands with Gurmehar, Prerna Bharadwaj stands ignored

  • By Bhushan Agrawal
  • March 1, 2017
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Much has been written and told about Gurmehar Kaur from the Delhi University and the whole country now knows about her views and she has probably a pacifist who wishes to bring an end to wars and that’s all fine because that’s her opinion. Similar to her opinion there are others who too have an opinion […]

Why Opposition doesn’t want the Enemy Property Act to be amended?

  • By Bhushan Agrawal
  • February 28, 2017
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This article illustrates a classic example of how we have traitors within our system and establishment serving for their masters across the border in the name of human rights, principle of human rights and settled principles of law. Modi government’s attempt at amending the 48-year-old Enemy Property Act has faced a stumbling block and could […]

Media is after Rijiju because he questioned their calculated silence

“Conversion tweet lands Kiren Rijiju in a tough spot” says the TOI, “Fresh Controversy: Population of Hindus decreasing, minorities flourishing, tweets Kiren Rijiju” says Indian Express, “Kiren Rijiju does it again, says Hindu population reducing as they never convert” says Hindustan Times, “Kiren Rijiju claims Hindu population is reducing in India: How accurate is he?” […]

Your thumb is now Your Bank, and this is no joke

If “Demonetization” announced by Modi govt. on 8th Nov 2016 was a revolutionary move for the Indian economy, then the launch of BHIM app and AEPS machine & apps is a master stroke. Demonetization did cause some inconvenience to general public, but the govt. has remarkably and immediately come up with fantastic solutions to cater to […]

Is building Chhatrapati Shivaji memorial “waste of money”? Probably Not

First broadly let’s understand the blueprint of this project:- (1) The project has a master plan for 15.96 hector area in the Arabian Sea off Mumbai coast and covers detailed economical and viable study. (2) The project would include a 192 meter statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the concept plan, which would be the […]
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