Author: Apurv Agrawal

The most comprehensive report card of PM Modi’s four years is here.

When it comes to benefitting the people of India economically and bringing India up to speed on an international platform, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been nothing but an energy boost in every sector, personally visiting and monitoring every bit that helps our country to grow. Due to the policies of the current government, India […]

Congress deletes its membership website and app after accusing BJP of data theft

The real digital India is when two political giants enter into a war of words, accusing each other of data theft using mobile App, the Attorney General spoke about security of Unique Identification Number in courts and elections are data driven using dubious British political consulting firms. BJP spokesperson and Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar […]

Anna Hazare’s protest: Less than a 1000 people turn up

A Subhashita Shloka reads: ghaṭaṃ bhitvā paṭaṃ chitvā kṛtvā rāsābharohaṇam yena kenāpyupāyena prasiddhaḥ purūṣo bhave (Break pots, tear clothes, bray like a donkey (talk non-sense), do whatever it takes, but do become famous!’) The seahorse of Indian politics is pregnant again, ready to deliver another misguided missile to India. More than a corruption-free India, it […]

Budget Promise Vs Delivery, Kapil Mishra exposes AAP Government

On the day of Delhi’s 2018-19 budget, Arvind Kejriwal’s friend-turned foe Kapil Mishra has exposed him yet again in a series of tweets. This is at a time when a tinge of sainthood has sprung in Dilli-ke-maalik’s heart, and he is begging all over the place for the forgiveness of his sins. This is exactly […]

[Unbelievable] ‘Devoted Christian’ seeks exemption from Aadhar

Fanaticism and incorrect interpretation of religious scriptures work in tandem. In a thought-provoking event, a ‘devoted’ Christian man has compared the Aadhar card number to the “mark of the beast” from a book of the New Testament named Revelation/Apocalypse, and approached the Supreme Court seeking exemption from Aadhar. A five-judge Constitution bench had to hear […]

The remarkable turnaround story of the food processing sector under NDA regime

Five times the amount of work has been done in the food industry in NDA’s four years, as compared to UPA’s sluggish growth in the sector during their rule. Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Union Cabinet Minister of Food Processing, tweeted: UPA sanctioned 42 Mega Food Parks from 2008-2014 but work only began in 2! NDA has […]

China is playing a major role in reviving the insurgency in India’s Northeast

In an alarming situation for both India and Bangladesh, Chinese boats carrying arms entered Bangladesh waters, and the arms were allegedly smuggled into the country. The top coastguard officials of Bangladesh have come under the scanner as the coastguard ships were curiously missing when this took place, raising suspicion about the role of senior officers. […]

Kangana – The lone tigress roaring among the B-town wolves

 “I mean the graph and the ambition of an ordinary man, and whenever we have a PM who is a chaiwala, then I always say that it is not his victory but it is the victory of my democracy. I am a big fan and I feel he is the right role model,” were the […]

The alleged 1-Crore-per-head ‘Bolo Tara ra ra’ industry of Daler Mehndi

रूखी सूखी खाय के, ठंडा पानी पियो। देख परायी चूपड़ी, मत ललचायो जियो॥ If the victims of Daler Mehndi’s kabootarbaazi had read the above couplet of saint Kabir, they would have perhaps lived the rest of their lives with peace of mind and money in their pockets. A fifteen year old case, two years of […]

The Government looks all set to Ban PFI

How would you feel if you were told that an anti-nationalist, Hindu-hating, armed outfit is already operational in twenty-three states in India? Popular Front of India, and it won’t be at all incorrect to say, is the Indian version of ISIS for it has been sending youths to ISIS and it has been operating in […]

Shehla Rashid Forced to Delete her Facebook Profile after rape threats

The ugly face of Indian version of secularism smacked JNU student leader Shehla Rashid when she claimed in a Facebook post on February 8th that right-wing being held guilty for Ankit Saxena’s brutal murder is nothing but a conspiracy theory and supported Muslim women marrying Hindu men. She was not only lambasted for her Facebook […]

Ram Janmabhumi Case to be treated as Land Dispute: Supreme Court

Remember the time when Indian streets used to get deserted to watch Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan and flock in homes with television sets? Indians still have the same zeal for the same benevolent God. The entire nation again got charged up today for the apparent final hearing of mother of all cases – Ram Janmabhumi!. A logical […]
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