Author: Krishna Mohan Dubey

Karnataka Congress leader forges nomination papers, pretends to be Dalit.

In the run up to the Karnataka elections, it seems the Congress is falling flat everyday and their true colours are being exposed in the process. Karnataka, which goes to poll on 12th of May, has been witnessing political opportunism from the Congress party in their effort to retain power in the state. They are […]

PM Modi’s pressure works. Trudeau Gov forced to act on Khalistani hardliner

The Sikh population in Canada is substantial. Sikhs play a major role in Canadian politics but there is a growing problem in today’s Canadian Labour government headed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Mr. Trudeau has been accused of taking a soft stand on religious extremism. Time and time again, he has failed to demonstrate commitment […]

NaMo app secure: Its Congress, not BJP that’s probably selling your data.

The Indian elections are much like a giant circus which travels from one state to the other, promising grandiosity and social upliftment. It seems that with the advent of the internet, the ring master has changed its strategy to pull in more crowds. Gone are those days of rallies and street corners, the new electoral […]

How the Indian Elephant tamed the Red Dragon: China forced to rethink India approach.

Political scientists and economic strategists all around the globe are of the opinion that South Asia, coupled with China, is the most increasingly relevant region in terms of geopolitics and will continue to remain so for the foreseeable future. The importance of South-Asia with its growing economic and military power has caused a major shift […]

These incidents prove that Karnataka Hindus are feeling unsafe under Congress government.

Karnataka goes to poll next month and with merely a few weeks remaining till the elections, Karnataka is heating up with political adventurism and rhetoric. The incumbent Congress government led by Siddaramaiah is feeling less confident about their chances of retaining Karnataka with each passing day, even the opinion polls by many leading news outlets […]

Congress has no Locus standi to question judiciary, given its past onslaughts against the Constitution.

Since the new BJP government came into power, a new phrase has been used over and over again –“the new government has imposed an undeclared emergency”. For the majority of Indians who are under 30, there is no frame of reference to judge the credibility of this assertion or rather argument because the present generation […]

Bourgeois demands of ‘Proletariat’ Manik Sarkar continue.

One of the most essential virtues of communism is – “each according to his needs” and most of the time the need is defined by the ruling communists on behalf of its citizens. It was true in old U.S.S.R and it still holds true in communist China where one’s devotion (I use that word intentionally) […]

Death penalty for rape of minors less than 12 years old: Government amends POCSO Act

All crimes are heinous in nature but there are crimes that impact the human psyche more than others. One such crime is rape. Rape in itself is very degenerate in nature as the victim is not only physically and sexually assaulted, but the humiliation and mental torment goes onto plague the victims’ mind long after […]

How the Congress built the myth of ‘Saffron Terror’.

Terrorism has become a ubiquitous phenomenon in today’s world, but no matter what we have been told, terror has no color or religion. It is nothing but a baseless and often politically motivated act which seeks to undermine the rule of law and instill fear in the hearts and minds of the general populous. Thus, […]

Congress’ Hypocrisy Exposed as women groped and molested at both Congress led anti-rape protests

The best parameter to judge any organization, be it a state or a party, is to scrutinize their behaviour towards women. The recent rape case of a minor in Jammu has been a rude awakening for the masses as huge crowds took to the streets and turned to social media to demand justice and assurance […]

Thanks to Tripura results, Communist Party infighting intensifies.

Communism is a peculiar disease which spawns cannibalistic tendencies in the minds of the infected. Since the birth of communism, its history is riddled with murder, violence and manipulation both inside the communist vanguard and outside of it. Thus, people associated with it often turn on their own and possess an opportunistic mindset. If we […]

As PM Modi gets royal treatment in the UK, Pak PM Abbasi is humiliated.

The whole nation was glued to its television sets and social media for Prime Minister Modi’s much-awaited visit to the United Kingdom, especially his interaction with the Indian Diaspora in the Westminster Hall in London. The programme titled “Bharat Ki Baat- Sab ke Saath ” was an oratory master-class and showcased the leadership qualities of […]
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