Author: Animesh Pandey

JP Dutta’s new movie, Paltan, will be based on the Indian victory over Chinese forces during Nathu La clashes

Twelve years after his magnum opus, Umrao Jaan tanked badly at the box office, director J P Dutta, still well known for his epic war dramas such as ‘Border’ and ‘LOC Kargil’, has returned to the director’s seat once again, with his upcoming movie Paltan. To be released on 7th September, Paltan is a massive […]

Congress minority cell President backs Rahul Gandhi’s statement that Congress is a Muslim party

When PM Modi accused the Congress party of being biased towards Muslims, it caused a furore among the liberal intelligentsia who accused the incumbent PM of playing dirty politics in an attempt to corner the Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s recent attacks over his tenure. They also tried to divert attention from the accusations by posting […]

Bollywood and its penchant for Hindu upper caste villains

Bollywood’s unique traits of secularism are hidden from none. Their penchant for pious characters from the minority community often at the receiving end of the goons from the majority community is well known to all. When it comes to portraying villains, Bollywood has always relied on their tried and tested formula: ‘Saffron Terror’. Much before […]

An Open Letter to Team Udta Punjab

Dear Team Udta Punjab, We hope that you’re in the prime of your life and enjoying the fruits of your hard work, especially the pains you all took for making Udta Punjab a grand success. Two years later, everything is hunky dory. Nothing is wrong in Punjab, and everybody is going about their business. With your […]

Home Ministry enables 32,000 Brus to return to their rightful home in Mizoram

In a revolutionary decision for the Brus of North Eastern India, the Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to repatriate 32000 members of the Bru tribal community, a native of the state of Mizoram, back to their home state. The decision comes 2 decades after they were forced to leave their homes due to ethnic […]

Godhra Muslims gift motorcycles to councilors who didn’t back BJP in municipality polls

Appeasement is part and parcel of politics all around the world, and India is surely no exception. Our politicians are notorious for their blatant appeasement of minority communities, even if that puts the security and integrity of our nation in jeopardy. But what has happened recently in Godhra is a glaring testimony of how the […]

AIFF slams IOA for not allowing Indian Football teams to participate in Asian Games

Just when we thought that after a long time, Indian sports is back on the right track, the principal organization for Indian sports took a decision that destroyed the little expectations we had. In an extremely bizarre move, the Indian Olympic Association has refused to send the Indian football teams for the Asian Games, citing […]

An honest review of ‘Sanju’: Avoided Azhar blues, but could’ve been better

High on drugs, accused of being hand in glove with those involved in the 1993 Black Friday blasts, claims to have more than 308 girlfriends at one time. Not the best person to start with, eh? But that’s our quirky superstar, Sanjay Dutt for you. Son of the illustrious actors Sunil Dutt and Nargis, Sanjay […]

For the first time, a Union Minister bats for the constitutional route to build the Ram Mandir

A grand temple dedicated to Shri Ram in Ayodhya is what drove the BJP to power for the first time in any state in 1991. More than two and a half decades later, the construction of this temple is still awaited. While some are against the very existence of this concept, a majority, including the […]

How the Indian Army executed the daring surgical strikes

Remember the surgical strikes? The operation conducted by the Indian Army with strong support from the incumbent NDA government that shocked the world with their successful retribution for the dastardly massacre of Indian soldiers at Uri in 2016, is now in the news again. This time, from an unattributed source, several videos of the actual […]

FIFA World Cup 2018: The march of the underdogs

They say that a good game is one where the result cannot be predicted until the final whistle. Going by what is happening in the current edition of one of the most popular sporting tournaments, i.e. the FIFA World Cup; we aren’t far from the truth. This World Cup, currently being hosted by Russia, shall […]

Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey: A hero none can forget

25th June 1975, this date is probably one of the darkest day in the history of independent India. Just in order to stay in power, the then PM Indira Gandhi imposed a National Emergency over the nation and gave way to a dark period, no one could ever forget. Throwing out every democratic rule to […]
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