Author: Amit Radha Krishna Nigam

India’s Tourism and Hospitality sectors one of the most underexploited, has massive potential

Indian landscape is among the most beautiful and diverse in the world. From the beautiful valleys in the north to the famous backwaters of Kerala in the south, Rann of Kutch in the west to lush green hilly forests in the northeast, India has enormous potential for the tourism and hospitality industry. From the employment […]

Has Cambridge Analytica endangered our elections forever?

Democratic festival aka general elections in India, by the very nature of their volume, eligible voter count, number of constituencies involved and the fact that they not only decide the fate of many big politicians but of the nation as a whole, have always been more rough than smooth. Yet their integrity and transparency, (barring […]

Nehru’s rule: A nightmare from which the country is still recovering

Much of the Indian Post-colonial history circles around the failures of the Congress rule with Nehru at the Helm of it since the very beginning of Independence era. Yet we have found him coming out every now and then, like a spider from a dark corner of history, cherished in speeches and books written by […]

Oldest Record of Supernova found in India

Up until recently, NASA believed that it was Johannes Kepler who discovered the last observed supernova in the Milky Way in 1604. But now, a detailed study published last month in the journal of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research under the title ‘Oldest sky-chart with Supernova record’ has revealed otherwise. A team of astrophysicists including […]

Peace International School of Ernakulam Shut down

Quite opposite to its name, the Peace International School of Ernakulam (Kochi) branch was teaching its second standard students lessons like “How many of you are willing to die for Islam? Think”. Not only this, the children were being motivated for war with questions like “Why Islam wins the battles? The answer was Islam wins […]

Good News: Microsoft’s Big New Year Plans for India

In his book ‘Hit Refresh- the transformation happening inside Microsoft’, Satya Nadella speaks of the time when he took over Microsoft’s top chair in 2014. His top focus was and is to establish the company as a leader in cloud in the world, a business area that brings a lot of competition from Apple and […]

Read the Beautiful & Baseless Glorification of Alauddin Khilji on Scroll? Now Read an Unkind & Honest Rebuttal

In ‘Kāṇhaḍade Prabandh’, one of the greatest Indian works, written by poet Padmanābha during the medieval period and one of the finest work in old Gujarati [1], the brutal defeat of Alauddin Khilji’s general and younger brother Ulugh Khān at the hands of King Raval Kanhadade (Kanhadadev), ruler of Jalor (of Chahamana dynasty), who as a […]

Maoists are being Knocked Out Brutally. Government has Taken its Gloves off.

Red Alert in the Left-Extremist Red Carpet zone as Maoists Top and Mid-level Leadership crises looms large. Is it the Beginning of CPI(Maoist)’s End? Mupalla Laxman Rao, aka Ganapati, one of India’s most wanted man, is in a lot of trouble these days to maintain and survive the strategic and intellectual leadership of his party […]

This Mammoth Project Worth Rs. 1,10,00,00,00,00,000 Will Bring Astonishing Benefits to this Country. But there are some Risks too.

We are going to talk about a Financially gigantic, infrastructurally multifaceted and incredibly ambitious program that would take about 43 Years to complete provided there are no benefits. It will cost the nation about Rs. 1,10,00,00,00,00,000 (11 Lakh Crore Rupees). We are talking about the National River Linking Project that promises to be a watershed moment […]

Astra Puja by VHP in West Bengal: The First Primal Yell of Bengali Hindus in 40 Years

Cautionary Note:We live in the times of plagiarism, agenda-based adapted narratives, and worse, fabrication of the truths of thousands of years. So people (I mean the likes of liberal proponents of the baseless Aryan theory) may have many versions of the ‘Ayudha Puja’ and the tales associated with it to entice you (the one with […]

Because Hindu Lives Don’t Matter: How Global Media Hid the Plight of Hindus caught in the Rohingya Wildfire

On August 25, scores of unidentified armed men with firearms, bombs, and knives opened coordinated and deadly attacks on Myanmar border posts and police. In the dead of night, they stormed and besieged Hindu villages in Maungdaw and started slitting their throats, stabbing them killing as many as 86 Hindus and their families in cold […]

The Story of Calculus: How Europeans Claimed Credit for this Branch of Mathematics that India invented

The story of Calculus is intriguing and reveals that our Indian mathematical system was not only far advanced and ahead by centuries, in concepts, calculations and precisions, from the rest of the world, but was also subjected to unlimited appropriations by westerners to claim it as their own. When in fact, all they did is […]
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