Author: Ajit Datta

5 reasons why the no-confidence motion will boost BJP’s confidence

When Sonia Gandhi told the media yesterday that the Congress Party had the numbers to bring the government down, even the most pro-Congress sections of the media laughed it off. The no-confidence motion this time is not about whether the government will survive or not, but by how much the government will beat the motion. […]

Did PM Modi orchestrate everything that’s happening in Jammu and Kashmir today ?

After looking at that headline, I know some of you must be thinking: These Bhakts think PM Modi functions at another level of consciousness, that he’s a bag of masterstrokes on a multi-dimensional chessboard. Guilty as charged, dear reader. But even if it is a figment of my imagination, do indulge me and read on. […]

Dear ISI trolls, give us a break!

There is nobody in the world who is loved by one and all. In the course of one’s lifetime, one comes across all sorts- admirers, haters, worshippers, and critics of several shades. And one is all sorts themselves vis-à-vis others. This is how things stand, and we live with it. In Anand Ranganathan, Shujaat Bukhari […]

Kiran Bedi talks to about her work, her mission, and the future

Puducherry is the only Union Territory apart from Delhi to have a local government, a legislative assembly and a council of ministers. Despite being the smallest part of the country to have all of this, it has for lieutenant governor a towering figure who has a reputation of shaking institutions out of their complacency. Dr. […]

Did Smriti Irani misuse her MPLAD funds?

Sections of the political class and the media have once again returned to play their favourite sport- targeting Smriti Irani. Amit Chavda, the president of the Congress Party’s Gujarat unit, has accused the minister of financial malpractices in spending her MPLAD (Members of Parliament Local Area Development) fund. Smriti Irani is a member of Rajya […]

Mamata to skip Niti Aayog meet coinciding with Eid. All hail secularism!

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has once again shown that appeasement of a particular community is her topmost priority. Even if appeasing that particular community is extremely prejudicial for the state of West Bengal, she won’t think twice before appeasing the community. This time around she made it clear that she won’t be attending […]

Life Over Two Beers will be read for many years to come

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of short stories and most of my exposure to this genre came from the ‘required reading’ as a student. And even then, I often relied on Sparknotes instead of reading them for myself. After reading Life Over Two Beers by Sanjeev Sanyal, I’m beginning to get a […]

Is there a large-scale conspiracy behind the protests against Sterlite copper plant?

Vedanta Group chairman Anil Agarwal, in an interview with Economic Times, has claimed that the Sterlite copper plant in Tuticorin has met every environmental regulation and that no expert has been able to detect any environmental wrongdoing on Sterlite’s part. He has also gone on to claim that the air around the region has become […]

Elected representative Jignesh Mevani targets private citizen

Today is a sad day for us at rightlog. Someone associated with the TFI (The Frustrated Indian) family for long, Shefali Vaidya, has been targeted online by an elected representative. Shefali needs no introduction. Apart from having been one of the initial admins of The Frustrated Indian and having written articles on, she has […]

Some alleged child rapists seem to be getting away. And media couldn’t care less

Over the weekend, the government brought about an ordinance amending the POCSO Act. The president too promulgated the ordinance immediately. The amendment to the Act allows courts to award the death penalty to individuals convicted of raping children below the age of twelve. The move, which came after the widespread outrage around the Kathua incident, […]

Dear Lutyens media, you are heartless and sub-human, not us.

I have often been labeled a ‘Bhakt’, and I have never objected. I am a Hindu. I am a nationalist. And there are tens of millions of people like me, with the same attributes, across the country. And yesterday, we were shamed by the Lutyens media and the international media as being defenders of rapists. […]

How ‘The Wire’ selectively quoted facts to create a false story against Piyush Goyal?

Leftist publication ‘The Wire’ has emerged over the last few months as the primary platform that peddles anti-BJP propaganda. Its agenda-driven stories have been routinely exposed. One of its reports about BJP president Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah landed the publication in a legal conundrum, with its management allegedly attempting to delay the case. But […]
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