Author: Adityaa Srivastava

Have Muslim Voters stopped mattering to Secular Politicians now?

2017 was a very significant year in the political history of India. The BJP continued its winning streak all through the year and it ended the year on a high note when the party managed to retain Gujarat despite 22 years of anti- incumbency and also wrest the state of Himachal Pradesh from the Congress.  […]

India’s History is a Retelling of Lies and Half Truths. Yogi doesn’t like it. Yogi is going to fix it.

The UP government recently revised its syllabus for the state board. It has already garnered attention and raised many eyebrows, because Mughal rulers have been depicted as looters, rather than being portrayed as benevolent and just rulers as had been done till now.  Many cynics and leftists see this as a move by the BJP […]

Expect more pro India policies from Donald Trump

Ever since formally establishing relations with the People Republics of China in 1950 the Indo-China relations have been a rocky one. The relations have always been volatile, lacking in confidence and unresolved terrestrial issues have always proved to be a sticking point between the two nations. The biggest sticking point in the relations have been […]

Government hit back in the most powerful way after initial Setback in Panchkula, The Message is Very Clear

The Dera Sauda Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has always been shrouded in controversy be it regarding racist comments in his movies or his criminal past, he seems to be controversy’s favourite child. His first brush with controversy was in 2002 when an anonymous letter by a Dera saadhvi was sent to the then Prime […]