Author: Abhilash Kumar Jain

This is how the ‘Ayushman Bharat’ can be made a holistic healthcare policy

Ayushman Bharat is the new revolutionary policy scheduled for launch on 15th August 2018 by Narendra Modi that is believed to bring about ground breaking changes in the present health care industry. The aim to provide affordable health care by the government is nothing new with various policies that already exist in various states. However, […]

Increasing interest of Church in Indian politics a cause for concern

The increasing involvement of Church and Clergy in the Indian democracy is now alarming. The recent involvement in politics by leaders from Church is indeed a reflection of the curbing of activities of “soul vultures” such as conversion and also foreign funded NGO money factory. There is a tyranny of silence reflected on this issue […]

Congress MLAs being kept in resorts are more or less under house arrest

The credit for the first Emergency in free India goes to Indira Gandhi, a feat that can not be taken away from her. The Emergency lasted for 21 months beginning from 25 June 1975. The fear in her mind was that her autocratic Government was likely to be overthrown, while the reasons cited to justify […]

The Print’s vicious hate-filled column on Jain Muni is classic case minority mocking by a liberal elite.

The Print, recently carried an article titled “A naked Jain monk spoke in Haryana assembly, but a Muslim can’t offer namaz in public?” A naked Jain monk spoke in Haryana assembly, but a Muslim can’t offer namaz in public? Feminist and poet Harnidh Kaur @PedestrianPoet writes: — ThePrint (@ThePrintIndia) May 9, 2018 The […]

Legacy of Jinnah: Partition, plunder and birth of Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a man well on the way to death before he managed to defile India by breaking away a part of it. Although, he cannot be implicated as the sole person responsible for partition and the communal riots that followed, for that is too much of a burden to be carried by […]

Secular narrative returns as we’re asked to be ‘ashamed’ for Kafeel Khan.

The secular-outrage launched after the Kathua incident asking all Hindus to be ashamed for a rape which still remains to be investigated thoroughly has now taken a back burner after another reported rape incident in a Madarasa. Strangely nobody is asking the community in question to feel ashamed; one may wonder why. Now the secular […]

(mis)Adventures of Liberal Justice League.

The Justice League of Bigots is the exclusive Desi Coterie of choicest bigots starring in one of the biggest, most ambitious crossovers ever. They started out by demanding justice for a child who went through hell on earth which was indeed a sordid event; our deepest sympathies. This was then angled to shame a religion […]

Nehru did everything to stop Hindus from Rebuilding Somnath Temple. But He Lost.

Somnath Temple at Prabhas Patan near Veraval in Saurashtra is a place which stands today as a symbol of victory of Dharma, a temple that promulgates the fact that no matter how hard the evil forces strike, Dharma will emerge victorious. The temple has risen after being desecrated, burnt and battered and the political dynasty […]

Tipu Sultan was Born on 20th Nov 1750. His Jayanti is Celebrated on 10th Nov. The Reason is Disturbing

Congress government celebrated “Tipu Jayanthi” on November 10th, a state wide festival celebrating the life, times and legacy of Tipu. Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah made unfortunate comparisons, where he compared a murderer like Tipu with saints, philosophers and great statesmen like Basavanna and Kanaka Dasa. This is a new low for appeasement of a community at […]

The Dengue Situation in West Bengal and Mamata Government’s Misadventures

Mamata Banerjee the CM of West Bengal also holds the portfolio of the crucial Health Ministry. The state’s health appears to be in doldrums with the recent Dengue outbreak. The latest victim (not casualty) of the Dengue epidemic is a 62-year-old senior doctor: Arunachal Dutta. He “was” working in Barasat, in North 24 Paraganas. The […]

Congress Government in Karnataka has made it very Difficult for Doctors to Survive

Private medical practitioners are now at loggerheads with the Karnataka government with the proposed KPME Act. State health minister Ramesh Kumar has not bothered to pay attention to the demands made by protesting Doctors. He meekly threatened to quit the government which appears more like a planned political drama between him and the CM Siddaramaiah. […]

Sorted and Sophisticated from the Outside – How your friendly neighbourhood Doctor could be a Broken Man within

While the government has brought about reforms that have changed the medical systems; the underlying rot remains and certain problems remain unanswered much to the chagrin of both students and parents. The changes include, a single umbrella system of exams, establishment of centres of excellence at various cities and establishment of a new medical body. […]
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