Author: Aashrai Shrivaths

The Reason why Sanskrit should never be the National Language of India

Anything of value needs to from time to time, be uncovered, used and protected as and when the need occurs. Sanskrit is one such civilizational treasure which today stands at a unique crossroads not unknown in our puranic history. Many today believe that Sanskrit should be our national language. Like anything of value, Sanskrit’s mass […]

Valmiki’s description of Ayodhya and Ram Rajya is so Vivid that you’ll feel like a Citizen of Ancient Ayodhya

In a day and age when Rama Himself is being foul mouthed by descendants of the very people He once ruled, here is an excerpt from Valmiki himself as to what Rama’s day and age looked like. 12 Yojanas long and 3 Yojanas wide are the roads of Ayodhya. Every day the roads are sprinkled […]

Secularism is a blatantly Anti-Hindu Concept sponsored by the West and Sustained by Indian Liberals

Secularism as a concept sounds extremely amazing and humanitarian. It seems to enforce a belief that everyone is equal and it evokes extreme support from a lot of people from various demographies thanks to its allure. But then again, the one question any Indian would fail to ask themselves is ‘If it were such an […]

The ‘Exact’ Reason that made China flee from Doklam

The Chinese backing down at Doklam has been alternately getting overrated and underrated alike. While some tabloids have started absurd comparisons (such as calling Ajit Doval some kind of ‘James Bond’), others have been quite openly calling India a nation of dumb luck. Reality is quite different despite these farfetched claims. After the 1962 conflict, […]

Mosul Has Been Captured, Liberated, Recaptured and Re-Liberated So Many Times That It Has Stopped Mattering

Amid the torrent of media hyping of the recapture of Mosul, it has to be noted that the ISIS is no organization. It is an ideology. A cult. That being said, one might ask oneself what this recapture of Mosul even means. Of course, Mosul is a strategically important location as it lies in the […]

Reviving Sanskrit – The language of the Devas

महाशापः अस्ति यत् एतत् लेख्यं मया आङ्ग्लभाषायां लेखनीयं | परन्तु किमहं कुर्यायं? भारतवर्षे अद्य न कश्चित् संस्कृतभाषां अवगच्छति – It is a great curse that this essay had to be written in English. But what can I do? No one in Bharatavarsha today even understands Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the true soul of India. I cannot […]

What is common between Aurangzeb’s Fatwa-e-Alamgiri and Muslim personal law?

While people from every political camp debate the validity of the Muslim personal law, what people don’t realize is the lack of a historical approach to this problem. Purely by accident, I stumbled upon the Fatwa-e Alamgiri – a treatise authored by Aurangzeb wherein he outlines the ideal form of Sharia for all subcontinental Muslims […]

Destroy Punjab and India will fall automatically, sadly the Pakistani Plan seems to be moving towards fruition

Not too long ago, when Brahamdagh Bugti, the son of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti – the slain Baloch leader, made an impassioned appeal to the Indian media stating unequivocally that Balochistan was supposed to have been an independent nation, that appeal fell on many deaf ears. However, I decided to do a little searching of […]

How Kashmir – the land of Shiva and Surya turned into an Islamist base?

What surprises me these days is not the fact that Hindus all over India fret and fume over the Islamization of Kashmir. What does surprise me is the short memory Hindus have. We Hindus as a nation in our own right have totally forgotten Kashmir’s short medieval history, for if we ever bothered to open […]

The Hijackers of the Jallikattu movement

Why Jallikattu is inherently Hindu: Vaishnavite tradition is profoundly descriptive about Jalikattu. Tamil Azhvars (Vaishnavite saints and seers) have for long sung about episodes of Krishna taming bulls. The bull and the cow are revered all across the so-called Dravidian lands with temples and entire shrines being dedicated to them. We will have to explore […]

Tamil Nadu – The land of the Cholas is now a leading consumer of British inspired poisons

Tamil Nadu’s golden age was a 1000 years ago and ever since the end of that age, the region never saw any large scale military-imperial revival. The Cholas were the last known patrons of Hindu art and literature, not to mention some very old architectural masterpieces of theirs from that era which was the highest […]

You live in a Mughal-British Hybrid state, just that you don’t know about it?

Nehruvian socialism has always been a concept that believes in the uprooting of social norms, ethics and values in exchange for the economic infiltration of unrelated cultures into a native fabric. When India gained its independence in 1947, we had many options to choose as to which cultural path our nation would take. We had […]
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