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General Elections 2019: BJP can touch 20 seats in West Bengal

2019 is all set to be a nail biter. Even though the Prime Minister’s personal popularity stands undiminished, his party will be battling anti-incumbency in multiple states. It is critical to note that it was predominatly North & West that had powered the BJP across the 272 mark in the 2014 elections. Its tally in […]

Goddess Saraswati: One Deity who binds entire East Asia

In the ancient times, India’s influence spilled far beyond the restrictive borders that currently restrain her. From the seas of Timor and Papua bordering the Pacific Ocean to the rugged mountains of Iran and Afghanistan, from the depths of the Indian ocean to the seas that separate Japan from the Asian mainland, India’s influence spread […]

Tipraland: The Demand for Division of Tripura

The landlocked state of Tripura has hitherto been an oasis of peace in the otherwise restive North East. The state was historically a Kingdom under the Tripuri dynasty and covered a large area stretching into the Comilla district of Bangladesh. At the time of partition of India, the plains of Tripura, known as Tippera district […]

20 AAP MLAs – The Exact Reason why they are Expelled

In a major blow to Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal, the Election Commission today recommended to the President the disqualification of 20 AAP MLAs for holding office of profit, thereby paving the way for their removal from the Delhi Assembly. But what happened exactly? What’s the technicality that Arvind Kejriwal missed that will lead to the […]

Caste Politics is going to be BJP’s Enemy Number 1 in 2019

2018 hasn’t exactly brought good tidings for the BJP. The new year saw a new push to peddle caste based identities, putting different communities on a collision course. The aftermath of the violence at Koregaon Bhima resulted in widespread arson across Maharashtra and an unprecedented shutdown in Mumbai. The events in Maharashtra should put the […]

3 Reasons why, It will be impossible for the BJP to repeat the 2014 Feat in 2019 General Elections

In the aftermath of yesterday’s election victories in Gujarat and Himachal, BJP strategists will now begin to set their eyes on doing a 2014 redux in the Lok Sabha elections slated for 2019. In spite of obvious similarities between 2014 & 2019, for instance Modi’s unwavering popularity, there are major differences between the two electoral […]

NGT’s Ban on “Bells and Chants” inside Amarnath Shrine reeks of a greater conspiracy

One constant theme of 2017 has been the seemingly deliberate attempts to attack rites and observances of Hindu community in this nation. If last year saw Bihar banning Hawans to prevent fire accidents, this year saw a ‘great leap forward’ in unmatched eccentricities and idiosyncrasies of powers that be. If you thought banning firecrackers to […]

Gujarat Elections: This is why PM Modi Accused Congress of Hobnobbing with Pakistan

Those familiar with Indira Gandhi’s era would remember how often the word ‘foreign hand’or ‘Videshi shaktiyan’ was deployed for sinister effect. The term could refer to anybody- from the US to China or closer home, Pakistan and was used to justify either the government’s incompetence (when used for instance after a terror attack) or government’s […]

The Ever-Changing Religious Affiliations of Rahul Gandhi are going to Cost Congress dearly in Gujarat

Savarkar had once prophesied that Congress workers would have worn their sacred thread over their jackets, if it could help them win elections. It now seems that Savarkar’s prophecy is coming true. For the first time in recent memory, Congress is vying with the BJP to prove that it is as ‘Hindu’ as its electoral […]

My People! Go Defeat the Nationalists (BJP) in Gujarat – appeals Gandhinagar Archbishop

Sometime in the beginning of this year, in the year of our lord, 2017, India’s Supreme Court had outlawed seeking votes in the name of religion. The court ruled that ‘Religion has no role in electoral process which is a secular activity’. The judgement was tom tommed as a much needed underlining of our secular […]

Congress’s Offensive Tweet about PM Modi will give BJP a Big Boost in Gujarat Elections

Who should the BJP credit for its mammoth victory at the hustings in 2014? Some would say Narendra Modi, others would applaud the BJP organization, some would thank the RSS and others the cunning of master strategist, Amit Shah. Unfortunately though, as much as BJP would be unwilling to admit it, it was Congress leader […]

‘Ghoomar’ Song from Bhansali’s Padmavati is Crass, Flawed, Offensive, Atrocious and Disgusting

It seems that Sanjay Leela Bhansali was not content with merely making the Peshwa Queen do a bawdy song and dance routine in Bajirao Mastani, that he had to have the Rajput Queen Padmavati do an obscene Ghoomar (if it can be called that) in SLB’s latest historical distortion called Padmavati. Sanjay Leela Bhansali, it […]
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