United Nations shows bias against India and Israel

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After the biased reports on Kashmir prepared and published by the former High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein of United Nations Human Rights Commission, there is another incident which proves the bias which the United Nations has against India. The UN has prepared another list this time which names 38 “shameful” countries which has China and Saudi Arabia on them. The list prepared under Antonio Guterres, the Secretary General of the UN has named countries which have carried out reprisals or intimidation against people cooperating with the UN on human rights by silencing them forever or through crackdowns and arrests. The annual report from the Secretary General included allegations of ill-treatment, surveillance and public stigmatisation of the so called victims and the human rights defenders. The problem with this list is once again that it is based on the allegations rather than on proven charges of human rights abuse, it is hardly surprising that the UN has fallen to such lows that its reports are now based on accusations than facts. Israel too has managed to make it to the list of the new countries to feature along with India.

The list of the countries included 19 with new cases and 19 with ongoing or continuing cases against them, it is saddening how a democracy like India has been clubbed with China, Saudi Arabia and others. It is understandable that countries like Myanmar and Rwanda which are facing infighting and civil war like situations have made it to the list but how India and Israel have managed to get their names figured in the list is surprising to say the least. Saudi Arabia which has the worst record of granting human rights to its citizens has been added to the list rightfully so and the same could be said for countries like China and Colombia whose citizens are facing tough times. India and Israel on the other hand are more on the receiving end of acts of terror than inflicting it on their citizens. If not for the inherent bias of the UN both India and Israel would have been considered as victims of Islamic terrorism and attacks on their citizens from neighbouring countries. It is quite surprising that India despite not having the largest military in the world contributes the single largest share of the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces, even the United States of India lags behind India in sharing their forces with the UN.

India and Israel will have to reconsider how long will they continue to look towards an organisation which is fast losing its relevance in the world. The biased nature of the UN is making it lose its credibility and is making it fall in the abyss of morally defunct international organisations. The organisation looks like a hypocrite when it packs India on the list of countries which abuse human rights, most likely depending on an dishonest and highly biased report prepared by a dishonest and Islamic ideologist who was a former member of the UN. The absence of countries like Pakistan from the list where the minorities get crushed on a daily basis is proof enough that the UN has in the recent years started looking at the world with prejudice in its heart, shameful indeed.


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