This proves that even the Congress does not believe that Rafale deal was a scam

Congress Rafale

The Congress party, from the past few months, has been valiantly trying to project Rafale deal as a scam. Their allegations have not found much support among the public. This is mainly because the Congress Party and their coteries in the media are leveling allegations without any substantial evidence to back up their claims and partly because Gandhi family and Congress party have been involved in so many scams that nobody trusts anything they say. Now, with the recent press note released by Anoop George Chaudhary from the AICC legal cell indicates that the party itself knows very well that Rafale deal is not a scam and their claims hold no water. The press release is with respect to a PIL filed by Tehseen Poonawalla- a relative of the Congress President Rahul Gandhi (Brother-in-law of Robert Vadra) and well known Congress supporter- in the apex court of India demanding disclosure of renegotiated price of Rafale Fighter Aircraft. It is a fair demand considering the fact that the Congress party several times has claimed that Modi government’s deal is costlier than the price decided by UPA government.

But curiously enough, in the press note released by AICC legal cell, the party has completely distanced itself from Tehseen’s PIL and also referred him as ‘ONE Tehnseen Poonawalla.’ It seems that the Congress is very well aware of the fact that its allegations on Rafale deal have no substance at all and they are doing all this drama in order to score some cheap political points. If there had been an iota of substance in the allegations of the Congress with respect to Rafael deal then their legal cell would have never come out with such a defensive press note. The Congress party is not even willing to take the matter of fictional Rafale scam to the court. The press note also reads that “the Supreme Court unit of the Congress party strongly feels that the Hon’ble Supreme Court is not the forum for raising such issues.” Now this gives rise to some puzzling questions. If the party believes that there is a scam then they should take it to the SC and provide them with all the evidence to prove their allegations. What is the point of each and every day coming out with vague accusations such as Rafale deal was done to benefit the firms of Anil Ambani or Modi government’s deal was costlier than the price decided by UPA government and many other nonsense allegations? It would be the best way to settle the matter and let the truth prevail. Instead of distancing itself from the PIL of Tehseen Poonawalla, the party should have supported him for his logical step.

It looks like the party knows very well that if Supreme Court accepts the PIL of Tehseen then their white lies will be completely exposed in front of the whole nation, and if it happens then it would be a huge setback for the party ahead of 2019 general elections. As they are very badly trying to make Rafale deal a Bofors moment for the BJP, but so far they have suffered abject failure in their pursuit to do so. The truth is, the Congress has made an issue out of thin air and it is not at all interested in any sort of logical and factual debates as far as Rafale deal is concerned. They only want to politicize the issue and use their fictional Rafale scam to target Modi government and destroy their image of clean government.

The stand of Congress on the PIL of Tehseen Poonawalla is being questioned by many on social media but the Congress has maintained a stoic silence on the questions. It looks like Tehseen Poonawalla has once again embarrassed the Congress which is not new to embarrassments.


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