No money for development work but state treasury is open for building a ‘Grand Mosque’: secularism of Chandrababu Naidu

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N. Chandrababu Naidu has announced the construction of a grand mosque of international standards to be built in the capital Amravati. He said, “The mosque will be built on an area of 10 acres under the supervision of the State Waqf Board.” Chandrababu Naidu further added, “There should be a mosque in the architectural style of Mecca Masjid (of Hyderabad) and it should become a major tourist attraction.”

It looks like the cabal and Naidu are on the same boat when it comes to pursuing such a grand ‘secular’ task. When it comes to appeasement there are only a few politicians in India who can compete with Chandrababu Naidu. He knows that road in the next Andhra assembly elections is not going to be easy for him so he is trying his level best to appease and solidify anti-BJP votes (predominantly Muslim) in Andhra Pradesh. Very recently, he boasted that his party constructed Haj houses in Hyderabad, Vijayawada & Kadapa and has constructed Mosques across the state and also worked towards promoting the Urdu language.

It looks like the construction of thousands of mosques was not enough and that’s why he announced the construction of a grand mosque on the same standards of Mecca mosque. He has all the money of the world to build a lavish Mosque which will ‘rival Mecca’ but very recently his party had introduced no-confidence in the Parliament citing the paucity of funds as one of the reasons. His party leaders cribbed about how poor the state treasury is which is hindering lots of development works. It’s really a curious case. They don’t have money to complete development projects but then how are they arranging money to construct thousands of mosque and one grand mosque. Is this why he wanted special status for his state for giving special treatment to a particular community?

What’s shocking is the stoic silence maintained by the entire Lutyens’ media and liberal-leftist cabal. For the Cabal statue of unity in Gujarat and statue of Shiva Ji Maharaj is waste money but spending hundreds and thousands of crores on the construction of mosques and madrasas is a symbol of secularism, progressive values and development politics.

These cheap nauseating attempts of minority appeasement are an indicator that the leader has not done anything good for the state.  And Chandrababu Naidu also knows this very well. He is seeing the writing on the wall. His days are over in Andhra Pradesh. After the Tirupati temple row there is huge anger among the Hindu community against Chandrababu Naidu and he is well aware of that. That is why he is resorting to unabashed appeasement. But his cheap attempts of minority appeasement are not likely to give him any benefit at all. His political future will get buried in the ‘Monuments of secularism’ constructed by him.


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Shubham Singh

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