Ashu Bhai Guruji case – How media intentionally paints fake godmen as ‘Sadhus’ to defame Hinduism

A fake godman, who went by the name Ashu Bhai Guruji, was recently arrested from a posh location in the Hauz Khas area of Delhi on the charges of gang raping a woman and her 16 year old daughter. He duped people on the promise of changing their future, and charged hefty fees for his advice.

Without wasting a moment, the media added fuel to the fire, publishing the news as some expose of a pro Hindu racket, under which Ashu Bhai carried out his dirty trade. Unfortunately, the investigative authorities revealed another side of Ashu Bhai Guruji, which took everyone by shock. Ashu Bhai Guruji is actually Asif Khan, according to his Voter ID, and he used to fix punctures at a cycle repair shop before involving himself into the astrology profession.

According to the investigating police, Asif Khan is absconding since Monday after his atrocities were discovered. His journey as a conman is quite interesting as well. In the early 90s, Asif had opened a cycle repair shop in Wazirpur’s JJ Colony. He later shifted to the Sarai Rohilla area of Old Delhi, where he used to pose himself as an astrologer.

Following an increasing customer base, he closed his shop and turned to television channels. He used to claim of eliminating bad luck from the lives of the people. According to two witnesses, who went to meet him, he would charged exorbitant fees for his first meeting, say Rs. 25000 for example. Ironically, the day he went absconding was the day they had come up with the requisite money.

So how is Indian media connected to this case? It is their Hindu phobic attitude that makes them connect any such incident, without even looking into the details with Hinduism in order to defame the religion. We’re no strangers to how an entire media circle, backed by shady Bollywood celebrities, painted an entire religion as rapist and their followers as rape apologists in the Kathua rape case, even when the case was far from being an open and shut case.

Even after it was established that the Kathua case was far from being a simple open and shut case, news agencies like the Times of India refused from giving up on their vicious agenda. Whenever a fake godman was arrested, they would immediately put up a cover picture of a Hindu saint, in order to send a message that such malpractices are a norm in Hinduism.

To be truthful, it is time that people stop believing blindly in such misleading material. Even if such agencies doesn’t stop peddling Hinduphobic material, they might be compelled to give up on their pursuits if they face a social or economic boycott. The decisions is in the hands of the Indian masses.


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