Secular-liberal mafia demands total obedience and those who differ are silenced, Umar Khalid incident is testament to this

Umar Khalid Attack

Omerta is a secretive practice employed by the gangs originating from the dreaded Sicilian Mafia. The rules of Omerta demand total obedience and complete silence. Those who know too much are deemed too dangerous to exit. One needs to be fully loyal to the Omerta. One has to follow a code of silence about their activities and a refusal to give evidence to the police or probe agencies.

The ‘secular-liberal mafia’ in India operates in a similar way. They demand full loyalty from their gang members. People like Umar, Hardik, Kanhaiya and Shehla are nothing but pawns operated by their high commands. They fight according to the instructions from the top. Anyone who dares to deviate from the rules of Omerta then s/he is eliminated within no time.

A foot soldier called Gauri Lankesh was a very important member of the ‘secular-liberal mafia’ cabal. She fought tooth and nail for them but she knew way too much and hence probably had to bear the brunt of it.

Members of the ‘Secular-liberal mafia’ are everywhere – be it in the media, academia, film industry, politics or the bureaucracy. It doesn’t think twice before neutralizing their own comrades because first of all it gets rid of a resource which has outlived its utility and secondly it tilts the narrative in their favour. This has remained their modus operandi since ages. The ‘Secular-liberal mafia’ gang exploited the killing of Gauri Lankesh to the best of their interest. Within a few minutes of her killing, their comrades in the media went in an overdrive in creating the narrative in the favour of ‘Secular-liberal mafia’. They brought back the saffron terror narrative and without any shred of evidence put the blame squarely on BJP and painted PM Modi as the culprit. The recent investigations have unearthed the links of a Congress leader in the attack on Gauri Lankesh. They have been doing the same thing again after the alleged attack on Umar Khalid who is of course an important part of their larger ecosystem. Within seven minutes of the attack, they blamed PM Modi, BJP and different media channels who refused to be a part of their cabal. When BJP workers are killed in Bengal by TMC goons, coteries of the same mafia parrot the same line that one should wait for the police investigation before blaming the TMC workers.

But the very same journalists within no time blamed PM Modi, BJP, Republic TV and Times now for the attack on Umar Khalid. The incessesant repetition of same lines, the hyperdrive and the exemplary quickness in pinning the blame on people on the right side of the spectrum raises many doubts. The swiftness of their response makes one wonder whether a section of the media was already aware of the attack in advance and was well prepared with their write-ups?

If it is so then could it be that the attack on Umar Khalid was an inside job?

Last time when Umar was in news for all the wrong reasons, ‘Secular-liberal mafia’ made a huge political capital out of him. He was supported by the Congress, AAP, the left and liberals. The secular liberal mafia is a goal driven cabal and the only thing that matters to them is the propagation of their idea and their narrative, regardless of who propagataes. Foot soldiers come and go, the higher ups remain at the same place gently pulling the strings from behind the curtains and at times cutting them.

There already are several holes in the media story regarding the attack. The moot question is “Was it a Lankesh 2.0?” Think about it!


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