Sadhguru says liberals are fanatics, and the liberal brigade proves him right

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In India, liberal fascism is at its peak. People are getting lynched on social media for having different opinions than those of the so-called liberals. Kangana Ranaut and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev are the latest victims of social media lynching, carried out by the liberals-leftists lobby. The so-called tolerant and open-minded people are attacking Kangana and Sadhaguru because they completely exposed the hypocrisy of the entire cabal of liberal-leftists. The liberal cabal’s hatred for Kangana is not new. They have been chronic haters of Kangana because she is a self-made woman who openly criticizes nepotism. She espouses everything which they hate. The cabal also hates Sadhguru, because they are self-proclaimed ‘seculars’.

Both Kangana and Sadhguru in their long conversation which lasted for almost two hours, discussed various topics like nationalism, spirituality, politics and political ideologies. They also discussed the issues India currently faces, including an influx of illegal immigrants into the country.

While discussing the current political scenario, Sadhguru and Kangana talked about illiberal liberals. Kangana narrated an incident from her upcoming film Manikarnika, a biographical movie based on the life of great freedom fighter Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi. She said, “This whole dichotomy of what is happening in today’s world… where we are individuals, but we need to be organised as well. What we face on daily basis is something completely different. For me, it’s very conflicting. I’m working on a martyr’s biopic where there is a scene that my protagonist, Laxmibai, goes and saves a calf. And the crew stopped the shoot and had a big discussion where we said that she can’t save a cow, she has to save a lamb. Because we don’t want to look like cow-savers. My point is that when such a prejudice strikes, as a person you feel very protective of your values. And you want to save all the animals, why just the cow. But you want to save the cow. Because the prejudice is really agonizing. But a lynching for cow takes place and you look like an idiot. And then you jump to the other side, which has been always criticising and never wanting to protect cows, and you’re like these people look sensible and these are so-called liberals.” Speaking about liberals she further added, “And liberals by definition…are people who are accepting…these liberals will not take you in their group unless you hate the same people as they do. If it is for the betterment of the country, you don’t mind hating on BJP. You don’t mind believing literally everything Amit Shah is practically doing. But what I don’t get is, what is their agenda and plan of action for bringing this country out of the pit. What is it that they’re doing?”

Sadhguru also shared his thoughts on liberals. He said, “People who are liberals are actually fanatics. If you don’t agree with them, they’ll finish you in some way”. The moment Sadhguru said liberals are fanatics, they didn’t take time to prove that Sadhguru is right in his about opinion about them. Liberals abused, attacked, ridiculed and trolled both Kangana and Sadhguru. They left no doubt that liberals are the most fanatic creatures in today’s world.

In their conversation, Kangana and Sadhguru also discussed cows and their importance in the life of Indians throughout history. Sadhguru also shed some light on the rising incidents of lynching in the country. He said,” This is not about cows…whatever is precious to them, if they believe somebody is taking it, they can’t call the police…because if they call the police, they will come after 24 hours and if they come there are so many issues…it doesn’t directly get settled…people have their own way of settling.

The conversation of Sadhguru and Kangana irked the liberals very much, which has resulted in abuse and trolling against them. The fact that even Sadhguru is not allowed to have an opinion is very alarming. It indicates that liberals want to create a totalitarian society in India where only liberals will be allowed to have an opinion and if anyone disagrees with their opinion, they will be ostracized, lynched or persecuted. This intolerance of the so-called liberals only proves that liberals are the biggest fanatics.


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