PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech: Highlights and takeaways

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Prime minister Narendra Modi today gave his fifth Independence Day speech- his last Independence Day speech before the country goes into the next Lok Sabha elections. This speech beautifully summed up how the NDA government has taken the nation on the path of progress and prosperity since it came at the helm of affairs in 2014. He also unveiled his future plans clearly showing his confidence about again emerging victorious in the electoral arena.

Some of the key highlights of his independence day speech indicated how the Modi government has been a people-friendly robust government which has taken the nation on the path of progress and all inclusive development. Speaking about the passage of the Bill establishing the OBC Commission in Parliament, he stated, “The recently concluded Parliament session was one devoted to social justice. The Parliament session witnessed the passage of the Bill to create an OBC Commission.” He spoke about a number of government initiatives and how they were improving lives. He announced that women will now be able to join the armed forces through permanent commissioning.

PM Modi in his independence day speech also shed light on ‘Beej Se Bazar Tak’ approach as far as the farming sector is concerned and reiterated the commitment of the government to double farmers’ incomes by 2022. Reaching out to Muslim women he assured them that the government will end the nasty practice of triple talaq very soon and said, “We are committed to the Bill against Triple Talaq.” Another major highlight was the announcement of a new milestone in India’s space technology even as the prime minister announced, “By 2022, when we celebrate the 75th year of Independence, we are dedicated to sending our own people to space. We will launch a Gaganyaan to become the fourth country in the world to take people to space.”

Apart from this, he also announced the Jan Aarogya Abhiyan previously known as Ayushman Bharat that will be rolled out on September 25 the birth anniversary of Deendayal Upadhyaya. He further announced that, “The scheme will provide a cover of Rs 5 lakh per year to 50 crore individuals across income groups. We will be holding experiments in this sector for the next 6-7 weeks after which we will officially roll out the scheme.”

He also laid stress on how certain people mocked and discouraged him when he first spoke of Swachh Bharat in his first Independence Day speech but now it has turned out to be a grand success and hailed by even WHO for saving millions of lives.

Prime minister Modi in his independence day speech did not mince words and also took a dig at the previous UPA government for the sluggish rate of growth and pace of development during its term. This also turned out to be the focal point of his entire speech clearly demarcating the transformation in governance ever since the Modi government stormed to power in 2014. He humiliated the Congress and its allies which were a part of the UPA government by comparing the pace of progress under the previous government with remarkable development under the current dispensation. He said, “If we had continued at the same pace at which toilets were being built in 2013, the pace at which electrification was happening in 2013, then it would have taken us decades to complete them.” He further said, “The speed at which the government was progressing in 2013….if we take 20013 as the base line, you will be surprised at the speed at which the country is progressing.” Moreover, he made it clear that there has not been a sea change in the circumstances or the system since 2013.  The same procedures, same files and the same offices are being used but what has changed now is the will of the people at the helm.

In this independence day speech, prime minister Modi has done what everyone would have expected him to do. He spoke at great lengths about the achievements of his government and gave a clear picture of the working of his government ever since it came at the helm of affairs. This was display of how an accountable prime minister fulfilled his duty to give an account of his government’s achievements. His account of the government’s working has clearly demarcated the fragile state the country was in before 2014 and how it has become the sixth largest economy of the world under the Modi government. Even though the speech was a report card of the Modi government it must have given a clear signal to the electorate. By a clear comparison of sluggish growth in 2013 with the achievements of the present government, prime minister Modi has set the tone for the upcoming 2019 elections.


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