Cycle of Same False Allegations: Caravan’s hitjob on Amit Shah

Amit Shah
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Repeated attempts are being made to target BJP President Amit Shah based on baseless, malicious and incorrect accusations against him and his family members. This has now become a regular cycle where the same false allegations are rehashed and sensationalised for a perverse motive, and then repeatedly amplified by the same set of people of motivated individuals. Another article has appeared which, is low on facts, high on innuendo, and completely qualifies to be consigned to the dustbin.

A totally false and misleading report has been published by a magazine on the basis of false facts that were previously published by another website, known for its scurrilous, biased and outlandish accusations, and which works like a spokesperson of the Congress. It should be noted that Jay Shah has already filed a Rs 100 crore civil and criminal defamation suit against the writers and publishers of the original article.

Amit Shah has disclosed all of his and his wife’s assets and liabilities in his election affidavit, as required by law. Kalupur Commercial Co-operative Bank had extended Letter of Credit (LC) facilities to Kusum Finserve LLP, which is a separate legal entity/body corporate owned by his adult family members, which is not required to be disclosed. Loan availed by LLP is liability of the LLP itself, being separate legal entity. For the LC limits sanctioned to Kusum Finserve, not only were the goods purchased against LC available at full value as security for the limit but additional margin was deposited in the bank. Further properties were mortgaged with the bank as collateral security. In fact, full payment for the goods is made to the bank before the goods are released from the bank’s possession. By no stretch of imagination, the loan or letter of credit facility availed by LLP can be considered as liability in the hands of Amit Shah who is only a collateral security provider. Therefore, as per election rules there is no question of declaring it in the election affidavit.

Some ridiculous suggestions are sought to be made about the increase in credit facilities. It is obvious that a new business requires adequate banking facilities and the fact that these facilities were more than adequately covered by margin money, mortgage of primary security in form of land, building, plant & machinery and collateral security of Shares, amply demonstrates that it is a legitimate business transaction which, is sought to be sensationalised to damage the reputation and credibility of Amit Shah. It is interesting to note that our enquiries reveal that all accounts are regular in all respects and enhancement of banking facilities was done in the normal course of business.

The article also shows a poor understanding of basic banking transactions and ends up making contradictory statements and ridiculous arguments. In fact, the article fails to mention that unlike in previous Governments where unsecured loans were common, in the current BJP Government, everybody has to follow the rules and even senior leaders have to mortgage their properties to avail loans. This shows the transformation that has taken place towards transparency and accountability under this Government.

In the whole long winding article, we could not find what they are alleging and insinuating and it seems to be a hatchet job, planned and executed by political opponents hoping that the reader would assume some sort of irregularity, where there is none.

Obviously, in their zeal to gain eyeballs, the publishers failed to understand this simple fact. Innuendos and long convoluted articles do not establish the truth but merely show the lack of confidence of the publishers in their own allegations.


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