Amit Shah schools Rahul Gandhi on Dalit issue

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BJP president Amit Shah has in a series of tweets ripped apart the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi. Amit Shah’s tweets came after the Congress supremo made unsubstantiated and frivolous allegations about the BJP and PM Modi being anti-Dalit. A befitting reply by the BJP chief has left Rahul Gandhi and the Congress speechless. Earlier, in the day Rahul Gandhi had joined protests being held at Jantar Mantar in the National Capital against the alleged dilution of the SC/ ST atrocities legislation. During the staged and politically coloured protests Rahul Gandhi went on to claim that PM Modi is unsympathetic towards the Dalit cause.

Rahul Gandhi continued unabated in his baseless allegations against the BJP and PM Modi. He described the prime minister as anti-Dalit and said that people from the Dalit caste are being targeted in the BJP-governed states but the Modi government has not done anything to stop such violence thus far. He also said, “If Modi ji had space for Dalits in his heart then the policies for Dalits would have been different. When he was CM he wrote in his book ‘Daliton ko safai karne se anand milta hai‘. This is his ideology.” Rahul Gandhi, like always ,stated imaginary things out of thin air and unsuccessfully tried twisting past statements. However, he did not stop here and went on to claim that while the former PM Rajiv Gandhi had enacted the Dalit Atrocities Act, PM Modi honoured the judge who changed it. It is utterly shameful and disgusting that Rahul Gandhi dragged the judiciary into political bickering and criticised a supreme court judge without even basic knowledge of legal principles which led to the alleged dilution of the SC/ ST Act vide an apex court ruling.

Rahul Gandhi would be regretting having made these baseless allegations against the BJP and PM Modi because it followed a befitting reply by the BJP chief, Amit Shah who absolutely demolished the Congress president. In a series of tweets, Amit Shah exposed how the Congress had embarrassed and insulted popular Dalit leaders and that it was hypocritical on part of the Congress to claim that it is concerned about the welfare of Dalits. At the outset, Amit Shah slammed Rahul for protesting against ‘strongest amendment to the (SC/ST) Act’. Taking a dig at the Congress president for his controversial and unparliamentary behaviour in the Parliament, the BJP supremo stated that, “Rahul Ji, when you are free from winking and disrupting Parliament, give some time to facts as well” and expressed wonder as to why Rahul was protesting against such a strong amendment. He also advised the Gandhi scion to speak ‘about his party’s treatment towards Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, Babu Jagjivan Ram and Sitaram Kesari.’ Amit Shah also reiterated that Rahul’s father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had opposed the Mandal Commission’s report recommending quotas for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) “tooth and nail”. In a strong remark, Shah made it clear that he does not expect research and honesty on Rahul’s part but he should read Rajiv Gandhi’s speech opposing the Mandal report. He made it clear that in this speech, a sense of entitlement and hatred for the backward communities comes out very clearly.

It is clear that Rahul Gandhi joined this protest just for the sake of it without knowledge of facts around the entire controversy. Not only this, he also went on to make unacceptable and personal allegations against the prime minister. Now, the entire Congress would be lamenting why Rahul Gandhi made such frivolous allegations in the first place. This is going to haunt the grand old party for a long time to come and they will have to think twice before making baseless claims against PM Modi.


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